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Open Air Picnic Concerts at Kenwood House - advice from anyone who has been please

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101handbags Tue 29-Jul-08 09:34:51

I am going this weekend to the picnic concert at Kenwood House. I have never been to one of these before and have a question about when you actually eat the picnic (!) We are sitting in the premium deckchairs, so not on the grass but in the actual seats - do people eat their picnics in these seats or on the grass before/after/at the interval?
I can't really see how you can have a picnic in your seat but I could be wrong. Maybe people eat before and just drink in their seats?
Thanks for any advice.

ladystardust Tue 29-Jul-08 09:49:11

Ah yes well forking out for the deckchairs is a luxury but does rather bugger up the picnic thing.
I've been most years at least once and only sat in deck chairs once.
Was there a couple of weeks ago to see the divine Rufus Wainwright, sitting on the grass quite near the free cider stall smile and enjoyed a lovely picnic and commented on the 'it wouldn't be the same in deckchairs'.

I would get there about an hour early, enjoy a picnic on the grass then sit and relax in your deckchairs for the concert with your wine.

Have a lovely evening.

101handbags Tue 29-Jul-08 10:48:51

Thank you very much for your quick reply, that's confirmed what I thought, so we will get there early to picnic beforehand.

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