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Upper circle seats - good or bad for children?

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pigsinmud Wed 20-Jun-07 15:03:19

My 2 boys are dying to see Joseph -- yes, yes that good ploy of a marketing show worked well on them! Anyway, it appears to be rapidly selling out and prices are . I haven't been to a West End show in years so got a surprise.

I've looked at Theatremonkey, which gives an idea of good/bad seats. I'd be happy with the cheapest, but will it be rubbish for 7 & 9 year olds? It's at the Adelphi theatre. I'm happy to spend more - just want them to enjoy it.... But not £50 each! Any advice gratefully received.

oggsfrog Wed 20-Jun-07 21:19:06

Depending on when you are thinking of going, the cheapest tickets are probably all that are left now. It's pretty well booked up - try the online booking ticket search here

I'm only in London for two weeks in Aug and the only tickets I've managed to book are Upper Circle - they are near the back aswell, but hell, it's that or nothing .

I'm taking dd(7) and my Mum(70 something), I think I'll need oxygen to help my Mum up all the steps, and a seatbelt to stop dd over-balancing and plumetting to the floor.

From what I can remember they are a long way up, far from the stage, and on a very steep angle downwards.

pigsinmud Wed 20-Jun-07 22:42:08

Thanks oggsfrog. I have been scanning that site most of the day - although we're close to London, we can't do Saturdays and of course most other nights are school nights. I think we'll have to go for some cheap seats in December - can't believe just how booked up it!

Hope you enjoy it - I have read that it gets a bit hot in there, so let's hope it's a cool August day for you.

oggsfrog Wed 20-Jun-07 23:55:54

Thanks schilke. I've read that it's not the coolest of places and was debating today with my Mum the virtues of taking something cool to drink, with the downside of needing to use the toilet..........

I'm sure that even though we're in the 'Cheap Seats' dd will thoroughly enjoy herself <I've already warned her that we will need to borrow Grandad's binoculars to even identify which one is Lee/Joseph>

Just go for it. I'm sure no matter where you are sitting it will be a night for them to remember

Skribble Thu 21-Jun-07 00:09:29

Often the stalls are not great for kids (or short people) depending on the theatre, but the stage can be quite high and if not much of a rake on the seats the veiw is rubbish.

Next level up is often the best but front of upper cirlce can be good too as you really get the see the whole effect of the stage.

Skribble Thu 21-Jun-07 00:10:02

Yes it can be very warm up high though.

oggsfrog Thu 21-Jun-07 00:35:48

We're right at the back. Nobody behind us.

But so far from the bloody stage that we'll have trouble identifying the lead...

<hoo ha, Lee the Meead>

Babyramone Mon 25-Jun-07 16:20:57

I took my 3 year old to see Chitty bang bang and had seats in upper circle at the playhouse in edinburgh which is quite big. We had a good view and he had a great time and saw everyting.

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