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Olympics and West End shows

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maggiethecat Thu 28-Jun-12 07:39:50

Looking at the site it seems there is availability but I suppose it's hard to say until you go to book them.

Mintyy Wed 27-Jun-12 17:07:45

Have you actually looked at the availability of tickets for Matilda? I would urge you to go if you possibly can but we had been trying to get tickets for MONTHS.

LordshipsDesign Wed 27-Jun-12 16:55:01

Personally I think it will be pretty chaotic but I guess we won't know until it actually starts confused

maggiethecat Wed 27-Jun-12 13:39:36

Will be down for the Olympics and wondered if it would be a good idea to see Matilda while there.

Is this likely to be a bad idea - thinking of commuting and possible chaos or have I just bought into the hype?

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