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Shrek the Musical, Royal Drury Lane, London

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nicnak01 Mon 09-May-11 10:47:09

Went to see the preview of this on Saturday and thought it was Brilliant. It follows the same story line as the first Shrek movie but with all new songs. The guy that played Shrek was amazing and Amanda Holden who is Fiona is talented (which I wasn't expecting). My favourite was Nigel Harmen (Lord Farquaad) who used to be little Den in eastender he was so funny. The only one who was a little lacking was Richard Blackwood who was Donkey but he wasn't bad I guess its just a very Big Character to play.
I love the Lion King but thought this was better, the kids will love it as there's plenty of action, some fart jokes and the dragon is pretty amazing too! It goes without saying that if you don't like the movie you won't like the musical. If I had to find fault with it I might say that the songs aren't very catchy but they are very funny. They also provided booster cushions for the small! I took my nephew for his 13th Birthday but will definately be taking my own children (4 and 8) to see it this year. grin

jimswifein1964 Mon 09-May-11 10:49:05

And you can use tesco clucard vouchers for the tickets grin

muminthemiddle Tue 17-May-11 16:47:44

Will bear this in mind when choosing a musical to take my dcs to in the summer.
Not sure whether they would prefer The Wizard of Oz one or this.

Fififi Sat 11-Jun-11 14:52:50

Definitely go for Shrek muminthe middle....

ShowOfHands Sat 11-Jun-11 14:54:14

DD would LOVE it but it's ££.

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