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cheap and healthy lunch ideas please

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SuperFlyHigh Wed 12-Nov-14 11:32:00

probably been posted before but does anyone have any ideas for cheap and healthy lunches, recipe ideas for an adult?

Have seen a few soup recipes varying for under a £1 to £1.20 and more but is there a good book or website?

Also making rolls etc... how cost effective is that? I'm thinking of freezing them.

I normally buy Sainsbos basics 4 pack yogurts to have with them and fruit (whatever is cheapest and I like).

for snacks - is it really worth making flapjacks, cornflake cakes etc for when I want a sugar rush?

all other food (evening/weekend) is fine and I often made more soup for weekend anyway.


muthafuzza Wed 12-Nov-14 17:44:17

i would say baking your own rolls is not worth it, making your own flap jacks though is well worth it, you can get telcos oats butter sugar and raisins for under five quid add some nuts if you like {a bit pricey but you only need a small amount and they're really good for you} or seeds. and you'll get about two full roasting tins of them. which could be 18 flap jacks. pretty good. but bread rolls are a bitch to get just right and the flour costs as much as a multipack of rolls. making your own filling though is worth it. egg mayo so cheap. soup recipes theres so many online. just search soup and whatever ingredients you have to hand and you should get something that you can modify. i never buy recipe books cos everything is online sometimes even on youtube. that way you can buy whatever is on special offer and find something that suites your cupboard rather than buying stuff to suite the recipe. smile yoghurt is also dirt cheap to make yourself at home you just need a flask and to google it!!smile
other cheap snacks like bombay mix or twirlers or trail mix, crackers etc, its well worth going to a bulk buy place or buying bulk online cos that stuff lasts forever in a cupboardsmile

SuperFlyHigh Wed 12-Nov-14 18:12:41

Mutha - I just remembered I did this spring/summer make my own egg
mayo and cress and it's so bloody easy isn't it?!

Not sure I'd make my own yogurt but the flapjacks deffo...


amy83firsttimer Wed 12-Nov-14 18:17:58

My DH does lovely looking wraps each morning. We use Aldi plain tortilla, then he has a very precise layout / arrangement of houmous, spring onion, tomato, cucumber, chilli sauce, gherkins, lettuce, any other bits like olives or feta cubes if we have them.

The key is injecting cheap flavour - chilli sauce and gherkins in the above case.

QuiteQuietly Wed 12-Nov-14 20:16:41

Not sure how much your 4-pack of yogurts is, but I found it cheaper to buy a big tub of plain and decant 3-4 tablespoons into a small lock&lock and add small drizzle of honey/leftover jam/a few berries/raisins/whatever. I have in the past (when extremely skint) made yogurt in a thermos overnight (warm milk up to blood temp-ish, add a tablespoon of proper yogurt, pour into thermos, eat yogurt for breakfast leaving some for next time). But on the whole it's one of those things I prefer to buy ready-made.

If you like decent bread, cheaper to make your own. If you eat white economy sliced stuff, then cheaper to buy it. I have a breadmaker, so a loaf costs me less than 50p. 8-10 rolls cost slightly more as I have to bake them in the oven (machine mixes and proves the dough). My breadmaker is slightly posh - it does jams and dough for pizza etc., but doesn't have a "nut dispenser". It was less than £30 4 years ago and I would definitely replace it straight away if/when it breaks.

Flapjacks etc. definitely make. If you do buy a pack of brunch bars or whatever, hide the 6th bar. Then every 5 weeks you have a free week. I find if I leave it available in the cupboard, it gets scoffed.

Muffins are quick and cheap to make and freeze well. So you can freeze a batch and take one out the night before to stop erroneous eating. I have not had much luck freezing flapjacks.

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