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Nice but cheap presents...

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Ams25 Tue 18-Oct-11 14:40:53

just given up work for good to look after DCs. Happy to economise ourselves but still want to give good presents. Thinking of Christmas but also have a wedding this weekend! Ideas?

MrsCog Tue 18-Oct-11 14:43:51

Not sure about wedding present, but I have a 'present drawer' where I pick up bargains as I see them - especially generic things that would be good for a variety of people. I also 'repackage' supermarket jewellery into a different box with tissue paper to make it look posher. I have picked up earings etc. in accessorize/supermarkets etc for £1-£2 in the past, taken them off the packaging and put them in to a little box (I keep things that I'm given gifts in for this purpose), and it makes it look really special.

Are you good at baking/cooking - homemade jams/cakes etc are very welcome gifts.

Ragwort Tue 18-Oct-11 14:45:45

What about offering to do something for people ie: babysitting/gardening/ironing/dog-walking - whatever you are good at grin. I would have loved a friend to babysit for an evening to allow DH and I to go out instead of endless crap scented candles, fancy biscuits, undrinkable wine etc etc !

Ams25 Tue 18-Oct-11 14:54:19

Repackaging is a great idea!

Tried vouchers for DHs birthday (as well as some other stuff) a lie in voucher, a massage voucher etc. He did not seem impressed... blush I'd have loved it myself!

rookery Tue 18-Oct-11 14:56:45

there was a market stall in my town selling old wooden/metal print letters. The fonts looked fantastic and the letters were about £1 each, and you could get little wooden frames/compartments to keep the block letters in and hang it on the wall. I gave my goddaughter the letters of her name with a cheap ink stamping pad and her mum says she prints with it a lot... I've done this for other children too and it's gone down well. Afraid I can't remember the name of the stall (they had a website too) but I'd definitely recommend antique markets. And I love MrsCog's repackaging tips!

Ragwort Tue 18-Oct-11 16:45:39

My DH would be delighted if I offered him a massage - or something else along those lines blush !

InmaculadaConcepcion Tue 18-Oct-11 21:45:29

Keep an eye on Groupon and other similar deal schemes - you can sometimes pick up some great gift bargains.
I've found making photo calendars for family, especially my parents and grandparents, goes down very well. You can do them for a few quid (2-4 pounds) if you spot and bag a discount voucher.

Collision Tue 18-Oct-11 21:48:30

For a wedding present I would buy a cheap wicker basket/hamper and put in it

bread - 'so you will never be hungry'

candles 'so you will always have light'

honey 'so there is sweetness in your life'

spice jars 'so there is spice in your relationship'

and write all the meanings out on a card. You can think of your own too and make it funny or silly or romantic.

I have done this a few times and people have loved it without it being too cheesy!!

PrimaBallerina Sun 23-Oct-11 12:25:19

collision that is genius. I'm going to use that instead of a voucher at the next wedding we go to.

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