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softly Fri 24-Dec-10 11:11:39

I have looked through comments of earlier this year and would add I have signed up to retaileye and found then not very profitable. I wonder if anyone has dealt with Consumer Intellegence or Opinion outpost. Or any recomendations of course. Thanks

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sloggies Mon 04-Apr-11 16:10:36

No, but am also signed up with Retail Eye and found the same. The last couple of times I looked, they wanted me to go to Bulgaria....

LawrieMarlow Mon 04-Apr-11 16:22:57

I do mystery shopping for various companies although neither of the ones mentioned in the OP grin.

There is a v good thread on money saving expert - will try and link but am using phone so may not work. Will come back to this later if link doesn't work.

LawrieMarlow Mon 04-Apr-11 16:32:54

Here is the link.

I did three jobs today, have three tomorrow , two on Wednesday and one on Thursday. My most profitable recently was one in an opticians but I did get double the fee as no one else wanted it

The MSE thread has links to lots of mystery shopping companies and many knowledgeable people post on it.

LawrieMarlow Mon 04-Apr-11 16:34:06

You need to check every day to get most jobs I find.

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