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How do you manage to work in more than one project at a time?

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ishallconquerthat Sun 15-Oct-17 00:21:42

I have started working in a second book, but at the same time I want to prepare a book proposal (about something unrelated), and I have to work in some freelance journalistic jobs. I also have to publicize my first book (self published) and do all the jobs in the house and related to the 2 DC.

How do you people manage to work in more than one thing at the same time? I welcome suggestions, tricks, personal techniques, anything. I usually do well (enough) if I have to do all the house and DC stuff plus ONE project or job. Please, help me organise my days from now on! (DS2 has just started Reception, so I'm still getting used to the new routine)

Thanks a lot!

WriterByTheSea Sun 15-Oct-17 06:36:11

Let me share some things that have worked for me. They might be of use to you smile

Make a To Do List for all the stuff you've got going on, at the start of your day and slash off items as you go.

Make a To Do List for your writing things, and rinse and repeat, like above

Keep a separate notebook for each project, and a running To Do List in the notebook. DON'T tear out the pages, even after you cross stuff off, because you will be thankful at some point you can
1) see how far you've come
2) see where you left off

Push yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. They are only words. Play around with them. They won't bite! smile

If you hate something you write, rip it up and toss it.

If you start to get tired of a project, determine if it is because you are in a challenging phase. . .which will pass. . .OR determine if you truly have lost interest and moved on, heart-wise, and no longer have the passion to see it through/no longer even care if you see it through.
Depending on your answer to that, make choices.

Life is short.
Time is finite.
Spend life and time wisely!

No one really cares about what you are doing more then you do.
So take people's advice, but then listen to your intuition and give that priority

Have fun.
Life is short.
Time is finite.
HAVE. FUN. smile.

Good luck to you!

TinkleWoed Sun 15-Oct-17 08:56:04

I would love to be a writer by the sea. And that's great advice smile

GetAHaircutCarl Sun 15-Oct-17 15:26:29

I'm always working on a number of projects at different stages at any given time.

I think I'd find it boring working on just one thing.

As advised above, I make very clear lists of what needs to be done on them all, plus deadlines imposed from outside and by me are rigorously diarised and reassessed.

It's important not to dot about as fancy takes you or you end up with several unfinished project.

At the beginning of each week I work our what has to be done and what is like to do, then I set up a timetable.

I try to be as efficient as possible so if I know I've got a meeting in London, I'll set up another two while I'm there. Or arrange to do research in the British Library or whatever.

I also set myself word count deadlines on all writing.

WriterByTheSea Mon 16-Oct-17 06:32:54

I think it's boring to only have one thing going too.

that said, it is overwhelming to let your ideas run around and have fun with you, like a bunch of kittens with some string, KWIM?

I think we should all meet in the British Library and have hot tea and muffins with raspberry jam, and order cabana boys to meet us there why we chat, do some research, and have foot massages! ha ha ha ha

schmalex Mon 16-Oct-17 09:05:22

I also work on a few things at once. I usually plan out my week in advance, or at the very least my day. I tend to spend the morning hours on writing new material and the afternoon on editing and the even later afternoon on dull stuff like website, admin, emails, etc.

ishallconquerthat Tue 17-Oct-17 15:35:15

Thanks a lot! I'll try to plan my week better.

Usually I work in one project on top of all the domestic chores, so basically I think about the story I'm working on while I'm doing all the other stuff, and write when I have a little time.

The thing is: how to organize my "thinking time"? That time you're thinking scenes in your head, listening to the characters, arranging details of the plot while you take the kids to school or load the dishwasher. Do you people assign days for each job? Shall I think about story 1 on Mondays and Wednesdays and Story 2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays? Or something like that?

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