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Author looking for book previews

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Huwman Wed 11-May-16 22:33:32


I'm looking for a few people to read my book before I send it to publishers. I am a published author and playwright and have recently finished writing a fictional autobiography of a woman who is looking back on her life and trying to make sense of things as she approaches her 60th birthday.

Thing is, I'm a bloke. I want to make sure that it feels right and the character is believable and that I'm getting it right from a female perspective. So please message me if you would like to give me your opinion on it. It's called 'The Ballad of Gee de Bourke'. Book 1 of a trilogy. I can provide more details if you wish.

Thank you.


MissBattleaxe Thu 12-May-16 10:52:05

Welcome Huwman! Are you sending it to publishers or agents?

Naicehamshop Fri 13-May-16 17:41:49

I would be happy to read it if you are still looking Huw.

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