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Can anyone who has an agent and a publisher answer a question, please?

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ImperialBlether Wed 11-May-16 15:12:47

If you write to your editor, do you cc your agent, too?

schmalex Wed 11-May-16 19:59:21

Not usually, no. I keep my agent in the loop but if everything is going fine I wouldn't cc her on everything editorial.

LittleLionHeart Thu 12-May-16 21:44:25

Yes I do

GetAHaircutCarl Fri 13-May-16 18:53:21


All business stuff goes through my agents and anything tricky. But day to day Q&As about editing etc, then no.

ImperialBlether Sat 14-May-16 13:31:22

That's what I thought should happen, GetAHaircut.

DownHereInTheHorridHouse Wed 01-Jun-16 17:07:16

Not unless there's a problem or I think there might be in the future. I send the manuscript straight to the editor too - I'd drop my agent an email to let them know it's gone in on time, but wouldn't send it to him unless he asked.

ImperialBlether Wed 01-Jun-16 17:09:22

Mine seems to want to be copied into everything.

DownHereInTheHorridHouse Wed 01-Jun-16 17:12:51

There's no harm in copying them in, I guess - easy to do and means there can be no confusion over dates/changes etc. I think I only worry if someone starts copying others in when they didn't in the past!

HollySeddonAuthor Tue 07-Jun-16 11:48:28

I do if it's something my agent could benefit from knowing, I generally cc her in the first email in a thread and then when it's just the tail end of pleasantries, I take her off the thread as I'm conscious of just how many emails she must get.

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