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Getting published - Carina?

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FauxFox Sun 03-Feb-13 09:37:55

Thanks bec i'll have a good look at that blog, i find it hard to know if my work is 'worth' anything but if it is I don't want to have accidently signed away my right to any money <wishful thinking>

Good luck original let us know what happens!

theoriginalandbestrookie Sat 02-Feb-13 21:31:24

They're owned by Harlequin and I googled them and at least one author has got a Harlequin deal as a result of getting something e-published through Harlequin.

I'm going to enter - I had submitted something through M&B but it appears as I go through to edit it that its not going to pad out to 50k+ words without significant reworking. I'd be delighted to be published and if it works out great, if not well I will try something else. As far as I can see on the website they don't ask for money - I certainly wouldn't pay for it.

To me the advantage of getting e-published through a known publisher is that firstly hopefully I will get useful feedback, secondly more likely to get readers and known.

I'd edit your story and give it a go.

One thing that concerns me looking at their site/twitter feed is that they say they don't reject submissions on the basis of length or genre. And those are really good reasons to reject a submission - so why don't they?

I'm about to self-publish my novel digitally. I'm paying a professional editor to go through it for me, I've put together my own marketing plan (it helps that I market creative intellectual property in the 'day job' so I've got a few clues on how to do this), and I'll put it on Kindle, Nook etc. You can earn up to 75% royalties if you do it yourself - how much are Carina paying in royalties? It's free to publish digitally so if they ask for money at any point then that is very dodgy.

This blog is really good about publishing scams. Not saying that this is one, but it's good to know what the warning signs are so that you don't get fleeced.

FauxFox Fri 01-Feb-13 13:52:26

I found this site through twitter and was wondering about trying to get one of my short stories 'finished' enough to submit...what do you think? I've never used anything like this before, does it seem like a good idea?

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