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'Books are not written, they are rewritten' - the 2013 revising and editing thread

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TunipTheVegedude Thu 10-Jan-13 09:17:45

Anyone who already has a draft (NaNo veterans and others?) want to join me for a rewriting thread?

I am working on my draft from NaNoWriMo 2012.

I've never successfully edited a novel before - I've written first drafts and attempted to edit them but never managed to either be ruthless enough, or to really understand what I had to do. This time is different because it's clear that it needs very major work at all levels; the NaNo draft feels like a zero draft rather than a first draft. I've been reading 'how to write' stuff manically over the last month (something I've never really done before) and have a lot to go on. Starting by plotting it again from the ground up, then will work through scene by scene using relevant bits from my first draft but basically starting with a blank page, which I hope means I will not be too attached to any of my previous words. My target for Easter is to get it to a stage where other people can read it and tell me how to change it so I can write it all over again smile

Absy Thu 02-Jan-14 11:03:46

congrats InMy! That sounds amazing.

thanks Tunip. I also submitted a short story for a competition on New Years Eve. The difficulty I have is finding the time to write - I have a full on job and like to veg with DH a lot. Or too much. I need to build writing time into my routine.

InMySpareTime Fri 03-Jan-14 09:00:03

I'm looking forward to term starting again on Monday, the DCs witter constantly, and their stream of consciousness really disrupts mine. I have many disjointed story ideas but can't focus on getting them into a coherent story.
Roll on Monday!

Honeysweet Sun 09-Feb-14 16:27:13

Hi. Just calling in. More of a lurker than a poster. Did post a couple of times on the 2012 thread?
Wondered if there is a 2014 thread, or whether you are just going to carry on with this one?

I am writing a book but it is non fiction. More like a text book but isnt! Definitely niche.

Wouldnt mind posting occasionally. Just to keep me on the straight and narrow so to speak.

InMySpareTime Mon 10-Feb-14 07:24:27

I'm a long-term lurker too, haven't seen a 2014 thread so was intending to just keep popping in here.

Honeysweet Mon 10-Feb-14 09:38:37

We will do that until told otherwise in that case!
I do find it an odd thread, because once it drops off my threads I'm on, and a few days have past, I forget to look at it for another month.

Nice to meet you by the way. And congratulations on having books published.
I am not near that stage yet. And even if I was, I dont think that there is more than one other book in me at the most.
Can I ask how long from start to finish did book one take you.
I do mine in so many small pieces, and sometimes dont touch it for a couple months at a time. I started it about 5-8 years ago. I have forgotten exactly when. I will get to the end of it though. Sometimes I look at it and think that I am nearer the end than I think.

InMySpareTime Mon 10-Feb-14 11:56:56

It took about 6 months to write The Strangeling's Tale with a few months revision and editing to get it ready to publish. Drabble Folk and Fairy Tales took about half that time because it's a shorter book, and because I had learned a lot of lessons from the first book.

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