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Saoirse Ronan

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beanaseireann Thu 20-Dec-18 18:29:03

According to the Daily Mail today, Saoirse Ronan is Irish American.
Who knew.
I thought she was from Carlow with a Dub accent.

Raggedyaine Thu 20-Dec-18 18:30:36

Well it makes a change from her being British when she's doing well 🤣

YoungBritishPissArtist Thu 20-Dec-18 18:38:38

According to her wiki page, she was born in the US and lived there till age 3.

beanaseireann Thu 20-Dec-18 19:56:41


YoungBritishPissArtist Fri 21-Dec-18 12:31:08

Thread killer, sowwy blush

MarDhea Fri 21-Dec-18 17:25:59

She was born in NY to Irish parents, then grew up in Ireland (Carlow and Dublin) from the age of 3 to late teens. She says in interviews that she's Irish, but I assume she has an American passport as well - handy for working in the US, etc.

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