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Can I watch the Late Late Toy Show in the UK?

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Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Thu 29-Nov-18 19:56:19

I can't watch it live, and I can't work out if it will be available otherwise. Am I the only one sad enough to want to share this tradition with DS(3), or have other people found a way to watch it?

Huntlybyelection Thu 29-Nov-18 20:02:34

I think my DH watches it on the RTE player.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Thu 29-Nov-18 20:05:25

I’m sure you can - a colleague was regaling me with it recently and saying how it was an Institution in Ireland. He also showed me the Rose of Tralee competition (which out Father Ted-Ed the Lovely Girls competition).

usuallydormant Thu 29-Nov-18 20:08:25

Yes, me and my kids watch it from France every year on RTÉ player the night after so I’m sure you’ll get it in the Uk. Mine love it!

usuallydormant Thu 29-Nov-18 20:10:28

They’ve even been trying to get the grandparents on to cash in on the one for everyone in the audience bit but no luck yet....

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Thu 29-Nov-18 20:35:49

Oh it's harder to get in the audience for the toy show than to get to the final of the X factor. You basically have to know someone.

Excellent, I've had problems with RTE player before but for this I will sort it out.

Mainie Thu 29-Nov-18 22:05:22

But can you actually watch it live on the RTÉ player International? I think we tried last year but for some reason couldn’t find it.

Saturdaycartoon Fri 30-Nov-18 19:31:53

It's available internationally on RTE player.

Total nonsense above about getting into the audience being hard to do and about who you know. It's a lottery available to all and is well advertised and free to enter.There are no tickets available to RTE staff etc and this is common knowledge. If it weren't, it would be a nightmare for everyone who worked in on it or near it with every being canvassed for!

Mainie Fri 30-Nov-18 21:49:38

Help, I’m not finding it! Only the Toy Show Unwrapped! Help,!

honeyrider Sat 01-Dec-18 01:14:26

Fantastic ending, loved Scott and Grace, Scott's some hero.

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