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Very sad news from Greece tonight

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WhatchaMaCalllit Wed 25-Jul-18 18:59:06

The Irish man who was on honeymoon in Greece with his wife of 1 week has been confirmed dead in the wildfires.

His wife is in hospital in Greece recovering from burns to her hands and head.

Thoughts go out to his family, friends and his wife.

So desperately sad.

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Taytocrisps Wed 25-Jul-18 19:21:46

I just saw the headline now. Desperately sad. Horrific for all the Greek victims too obviously sad.

WhatchaMaCalllit Wed 25-Jul-18 19:36:38

True there Taytocrisps.
Such an awful situation all around.
Apologies if others are reading this and interpret my post to be insensitive to others. It was not meant that way.

I just can't imagine being on honeymoon for the first week of my marriage and being widowed in the same week.

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YearOfYouRemember Wed 25-Jul-18 19:37:22

It's all just so incomprehensible.


Penfold007 Wed 25-Jul-18 19:39:53

So very sad

beanaseireann Sat 28-Jul-18 13:52:16

My heart goes out to his new wife and his family and friends. Heartbreaking.

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