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Toddler Troubles!!

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Mac27 Thu 20-Dec-18 08:51:35

Hi, feels like I’m having lots of difficulties with my 2 year old at the moment!!

Firstly he is waking many times during the night. He is currently in a cot bed (sides still up). But through the night regularly wakes up shouting mummy and wants me to sleep with him. When he was younger I would let him cry it out but this feels awful now he’s older, I just can’t do it. I have resulted in lying down with him in a single bed he also has in his room. This makes him happy, but as soon as I move he wakes again. I’m just not sure wether to bite the bullet and stick with trying to keep him in the bed (by not lying down with him anymore and just keep putting him back to bed) or persevere with the cot bed until he’s older and hopefully will be more settled on a night.

He is also so clingy with me. He has always been a very clingy baby/child- only with me though not his dad! It’s become even worse lately and I just can’t leave him for a second without him becoming inconsolable. I do all drop-offs and pick-ups for nursery, and only work part time, while my parter work long hours so can’t always be there. So I know he sees me a lot more but just wondered if anyone had any tips on how to get him to be less clingy? My partner does try to spend time with him and put him to bed etc when he can but he always just screams for mummy! I just feel drained with it and wish my partner could share some of the load.

He is also a very fussy eater and will only eat maybe 2 mouthfuls for each meal. I have tried making things he likes, and all of us sitting down together at a table but nothing seems to boost his appetite.

Any advice much appreciatedsmile

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