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Day time napping

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Hannahxo Thu 06-Dec-18 05:22:46

Hi there
First time mum with baby due in jan!

I've got a next to me crib for night time sleeping but was wondering where does your little one sleep in the day?

tryinganewname Thu 06-Dec-18 05:35:49

DD is 4 months and naps in her cot during the day with the monitor on, however, for the fist months or so (supposed to be 6 months but DD would just get disturbed) you need something like a Moses basket that can be easily taken around the house with you as baby shouldn't sleep alone. You could use the carrycot of the pram if you have one. They should stay there until you go to bed too (if you're lucky that they go to sleep before then in the early days!).

LorelaiGilmore1 Thu 06-Dec-18 05:38:48

I use the carry cot of the pram downstairs and her next to me crib upstairs.

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