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Travel cot recommendations?

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newroundhere Mon 13-Feb-17 14:40:05

DS is a big 6 month old and his current travel cot (Chicco Lullago) is looking very snug...

Any recommendations of travel cots from 6 months plus? Something not too bulky when folded (if such a thing exists??)

Thanks smile

elelfrance Mon 13-Feb-17 14:48:26

Baby Bjorn best travel cot ever ! So easy to put up & down, very comfortable - good mattress. Very compact & light when folded
Pricey but worth it - has lasted my 2 DC well with regular use

newroundhere Mon 13-Feb-17 18:25:42

Thanks elelfrance - how long did it last your DC? It looks good but it is expensive - I guess if it lasts it's probably worth it

newroundhere Mon 13-Feb-17 18:33:28

Any other recommendations?

elelfrance Fri 17-Feb-17 09:20:02

DD is 3.5 now, DS15 months, its still in perfect nick

kel1234 Fri 17-Feb-17 09:23:51

We have the graco Contour Electra. It's fairly heavy though, but a lovely travel cot. Especially with the extras it comes with.
I mainly liked the fact that it's multi level, so I had it on the higher level at first because my lo was so small.

user1485196412 Fri 17-Feb-17 09:25:23

Second graco Electra - we've used a few and it's been the best by far. 3 years and still going strong and been used loads!

Artandco Fri 17-Feb-17 09:30:38

Babybjorn also here. It's the only one with higher weight limit and can't be tipped due to design. Mine could squeeze in until gone 3 years if needed. Folds far smaller also

SillySausage1 Fri 17-Feb-17 09:34:34

We got a tent style one (Little life Arc 2). It's really good, folds up really small (comes in a backpack) but its surprisingly big when up (could easily take toddler beyond 2 years). BUT it is a tent so you have to bend over to put them in or take them out as they are essentially at floor level. My son loves it though as it makes him feel like he is in a familiar place when we travel as he is always surrounded by the same tent walls at night.

newroundhere Fri 17-Feb-17 10:48:59

Thanks everyone, I have a few to look at now! DS is pretty heavy and tall already so we need to get something that'll last smile

Fresh01 Sat 18-Mar-17 22:52:42

We had a Phil n Teds travel cot. It was like a small tent but with dark mesh sides. It was only 5kgs so we could always take it with us. It had a Thermarest mattress that you inflated. It was long so lasted all our children till they could climb out around the age of 3.

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