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Co-sleeper cot for HIGH divan bed

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catpower80 Wed 11-May-16 07:15:00

Hey, I recently got a lovely new kingsize divan bed and have always been planning to get a co-sleeper cot. Unfortunately this new bed is super high (think princess and the pea-high!!!) The mattress is level at around 70-75cm (!!!). So far I can't find any co-sleepers that will be level with the mattress.

I've seen some suggestions to stack the co-sleeper with an extra mattress, but if i do that on a standard one, which levels out at about 50-60cm's, i'm in danger of lowering the amount of side support for little bubba. I also am a bit concerned about boosting the height by standing the co-sleeper on anything (obvs I wouldn't want it to fall over).

Any suggestions? Is it worth going to this trouble or should i just put the main cot or a smaller crib in my room for 6 months? How do people feel these days about having baby in bed? It's just me, no partner, but I have 3 cats, so a bit concerned they might sit on bubba's head in the night.....

First baby worries are clearly feeding my concerns!

Cat ;-)

Kstar8 Wed 18-May-16 11:11:17

Hi cat, I've been looking into this as we too have a very high divan bed/deep mattress.
I think the only one I've seen so far that goes that high is the Knuma Huddle:,default,pd.html

It can reach 70cm but is £200 shock
I can't remember the dimensions but I think the bednest goes fairly high and can be rented for a lot cheaper.

Belager Sun 29-May-16 07:29:54

I have the same problem, we are going to rent a bed nest as it reaches high enough. Hope you find your solution!

DorotheaHomeAlone Sun 29-May-16 07:44:45

Our bed is high and the bednest works. You could speak to their customer service people? They're very nice. When you talk about stacking do you mean inside the crib? That's a no no as makes it possible for baby to get caught over the edge when. They're a bit more mobile (like the bednest tragedy last year). If you're thinking of having them in with you you could go for a sleepyhead. Then they're in the bed with you but protected and in a breathable service.

We have one cat and she's kept her distance from both our babies from the start. I think that's the most common reaction but obviously all cats are weird different so hard to say for sure.

catpower80 Tue 07-Jun-16 20:32:31

Thanks all for your replies. I'm looking into both of the suggested co-sleepers. xx

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