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Which Cotbed brand is good quality??

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divya27 Thu 15-Jan-15 21:02:32

Hi, I have my first baby due in May and have decided to go straight for a Cot Bed. The idea is that the cotbed in the first few months will convert to a "day bed" style with the open end stuck to my side of the bed like a co-sleeper. After a while, the 4th side can go up and moved away from my bed/room.
There are not many cot beds which convert to a toddler bed + a day bed (sofa style) and the one I found was Tutti Bambini Rimini or Lucas.
However, I have been told that Tutti Bambini have quality issues?
So, has anyone bought a Tutti Bambini before? any feedback?
Anyone bought any other brands where the Quality is better?

All comments/views really appreciated x

Notso Thu 15-Jan-15 21:19:08

I think most people just take one side off the cot rather than buy one that converts to a day bed specifically.
One point I noticed looking at the Lucas cotbed is that when it's a day bed in the picture it's on it's lowest setting which I would imagine to be much lower than most adult beds.
We are using one from Mothercare, it's been used for DC3 and 4. We're currently using it with one side off as we have lost the screws to convert it from cot to bed. Mothercare are sending us replacements free of charge even though they don't make the cot anymore, I was very impressed.

Notso Thu 15-Jan-15 21:21:20

Just to add the quality is great, it's very sturdy. My 14 year has been in it to read a story to her brother. It's survived being swung on and climbed out of and still looks as good as knew.

divya27 Thu 15-Jan-15 21:34:13

Hi Notso,
Thanks for your help. I thought not all cotbeds can have 1 side taken off? which range from mothercare are you using if you dont mind me asking please?

KenDoddsDadsDog Thu 15-Jan-15 21:35:43

I had an M&S one which was fantastic . They also deliver and build it for you !

MissRainbowBrite Thu 15-Jan-15 21:37:20

We have the Kub Madera cotbed for DD and it's been brilliant, currently being used as a day bed with one side off. It's very sturdy and I curl up in it each evening with her while she nods off. There were lots we looked at that rattled and wobbled but this was definitely one of the sturdiest.

Notso Thu 15-Jan-15 22:03:03

I don't know if it's recommended to use them with the side off. I just know many people do in the early days. With a tiny one who is pretty immobile I don't think it would be a problem to put it next to the bed maybe not with an older baby or toddler though hopefully they would be in the cot/bed by then and sleeping through!
That said ours seems fine for DS with the side off, it's survived him and his 4 year old brother rolling around on it.

I think it was the summer oak that we have, it's discontinued now though.

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