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Mothercare blanket

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Jenaisking87 Fri 28-Dec-12 22:16:12

My son is in love with a thick jersey cotton mothercare blanket that was in an eBay bundle I brought before he was born. This was two years ago and needless to say he loves it and it's growing tatty and tired! Looked online and on eBay but can't find it or anything like it, it's of the little blue car range, quite a large square, stripes one side and cars and stars the other. I apologise for posting here but there isn't a bedding option haha. Had anyone got any ideas for me?! Would love another for him! Thanks

nextphase Sat 29-Dec-12 20:27:01

Not the same, but would this make a suitable replacement?

Any chance your in the midlands? if this is still available?

linsasa Wed 26-Sep-18 16:00:34

Thanks for sharing.

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