Is there a chance I will have to self isolate?

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BlossomOnTrees Sat 12-Jun-21 12:57:21

My best friend coaches a hockey team and there has been an outbreak of covid. She has tested negative but also had contact with those who were positive. I was with her in a car just yesterday, does this now mean I have to self isolate despite being double jabbed?

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CasparBloomberg Sat 12-Jun-21 13:03:38

If in the next few days she tests positive then yes you maybe were a close contact when she may have been infectious. I think in cars you're both supposed to wear masks and have windows open etc so don't know if that and time together may also affect it.
People still get infected when they have had the vaccine, so of course you should self isolate if you were a close contact in that case.

ColettesEarrings Sat 12-Jun-21 13:03:55

If she's had direct contact she should be isolating, regardless of negative test!! You don't need to isolate yet but I'd be very cross with her putting you at risk.

DinosaurDiana Sat 12-Jun-21 13:04:39

Only if she gets symptoms.

BlossomOnTrees Sat 12-Jun-21 13:05:32

She said she doesn't have to isolate if the test is negative?

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DinosaurDiana Sat 12-Jun-21 13:07:29

She does have to isolate if she’s been in contact with a positive person since they got symptoms or had a positive test.

bluntness1001 Sat 12-Jun-21 13:09:34

If she's been notified as a close contact then she has to isolate regardless what the test says. I say this as someone who is currently isolating as I'm a close contact and I also had a negative test.


ColettesEarrings Sat 12-Jun-21 13:09:45

She's either misunderstood or is flat out lying. There is no dispute, behalf, she needs to be isolating.

CasparBloomberg Sat 12-Jun-21 13:14:04

Only close contacts or those contacted by test and trace or the app have to isolate. I can imagine a situation where the coach of an outdoor hockey team practices good social distancing and doesn't get herself into a situation where she is a close contact.
However if she was a close contact or supposed to be isolating and is putting people at risk, I'd be furious with her!

BlossomOnTrees Sat 12-Jun-21 13:20:48

I would have thought that she would definitely come under a close contact doing the job she does. Very surprised that she is saying she does not need to isolate.

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MonsterMash2210 Sat 12-Jun-21 13:25:18

You not at the moment, only possibly if if she later goes onto develop symptoms and tests positive.

However, the current rules states that she should be isolating regardless of her negative test result.

BlossomOnTrees Sat 12-Jun-21 14:29:14

Yes I thought the same but she is saying otherwise. She could get in big trouble for not complying but she will not be told.

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Mumski45 Sat 12-Jun-21 14:49:59

As a close contact only gets out of isolation if the contact she was close to has a negative test PCR or if she is on the DCTS programme which I guess she isn't or she would have told you

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