Pre school closing due to positive case

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hellowembley Sun 15-Nov-20 19:20:51

Hi. I wondered if anyone can advise. I’ve just received an email from my daughter’s pre school to say someone in the setting has tested positive for covid and they will be closed from tomorrow.
Does this mean my daughter has to self isolate? And if so, does anyone know how long for?

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Remmy123 Sun 15-Nov-20 19:21:43

14 days will be likely

Kaffiene Sun 15-Nov-20 19:24:28

The email should have more details. If she was a close contact she will need to isolate for 14 days (other household meaim era can still go out) But some pre schools have had to close because of staffing levels because several staff have to isolate for various reasons in which case she wouldn’t have to isolate. You need more info basically

PlugUgly1980 Sun 15-Nov-20 19:24:32

Yes, it's 14 days from the point of last contact with the individual (or at least that's the way our school has been doing it), so if the person wasn't in school say on Friday last week, then that what could as day 1 so you'd already be on day 3. No one else in the household needs to self isolate unless any of you develop symptoms.

PlugUgly1980 Sun 15-Nov-20 19:25:31

* would count

hellowembley Sun 15-Nov-20 19:27:23

Thanks everyone. Nightmare 🤦‍♀️

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PlugUgly1980 Sun 15-Nov-20 19:27:54

You'll most likely get a follow up letter with all the details on it. The priority is just to get a closure message out now. Sometimes the letter can take longer as direction has to be sought from the local education authority and Public Health England which isn't always a quick process.


EcoCustard Sun 15-Nov-20 21:00:05

Dc 3 & 4’s nursery and preschool ( same but different settings) had a positive case this week. Individual was in both settings but neither have to self isolate as were not in close contact 48 hours prior to positive result. It took a day to get clarification from PHE, and settings are now closed for 2 weeks.

Sandyjag Mon 16-Nov-20 11:39:56

In same position here. Hope you get clarification soon.

QueenBlueberries Mon 16-Nov-20 11:44:42

One of the issues is that if they are in contact with local health authorities, there is a delay in response, sometimes by 1 day, sometimes 2 as they are so busy. So your pre-school is being pro-active by closing down and will probably send you more guidance today.

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