Tested positive, been okay, now the dizziness is unbearable

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CanThisBeOverSoon Sun 01-Nov-20 13:28:07

Tested positive 12 days ago so actually should be feeling okay now. I have had it really mildly but woke up today and feel so dizzy. I don't feel "poorly" as such just really dizzy and lightheaded. Anyone had this

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Redolent Sun 01-Nov-20 14:01:38

Maybe it’s worth checking your blood oxygen levels? (Pulse oximeter. Some new model Samsung phones also have them). It could be a symptom of hypoxia.

Jrobhatch29 Sun 01-Nov-20 14:04:43

Yes check oxygen levels but also have you been eating and drinking well? Could you be dehydrated?

FlyLight Sun 01-Nov-20 14:07:43

Same here, dizziness been my main symptom. On day 8 now and seems to be passing. My oxygen levels were fine even at the height of dizziness. Hang in there!

Drbrowns Sun 01-Nov-20 14:08:56

Dizziness can be a sign of low blood pressure

Missandra Sun 01-Nov-20 14:40:15

I really feel for you. I’m on dsy 13 and feel dizzy and so exhausted. I’m sleeping 12 hours a night and still feel so tired in the day I can’t really do anything. My Aunt took 3 weeks until she started to feel like she was getting better.

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