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Anyone confirmed with covid had dizzyness/light headed?

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Sunsetjoy Sat 26-Sep-20 21:38:32

I have been told to self isolate after a work colleague tested positive. I’m almost at 14 days now and for the past 3 days I have been extremely dizzy/light headed. I woke in the morning and the room was spinning, and then spent the day on sofa feeling like I was drunk.

Next day I was a lot better but still felt a bit brain foggy/ slow motion type feeling. Then a day went by ok and today the dizzyness is back.

No cough, temperature or loss of smell/taste.
Wondering if it could be it or just another virus going round.

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heirloomcurls Sun 27-Sep-20 12:58:46

I felt exactly the same back in April. I'd had a dry cough, tight chest and breathlessness about two or three weeks before that which was still lingering but at the time I thought it was more likely to be anxiety than covid, to be honest.
I did wonder about the dizziness though. I couldn't seem to focus my mind and felt so unsteady I couldn't even turn over in bed at times, it was really horrible. It came on all of a sudden on a Monday, (which I spent mostly horizontal) seemed to ease off a bit each day after that but with flare ups, to the point where, after about four days, I seriously thought about contacting my gp but didn't in the end.
I still get the odd moment even now but it's much less severe and more fleeting.
I haven't taken a test ( for virus or antibodies) so don't know if it was covid-related.
I wonder if anyone else will respond, especially those who have had covid confirmed?

PeachiceT Sun 27-Sep-20 15:13:43

In feb I had a light headed feeling and struggled to focus in the afternoons especially, also terrible headaches... his lasted around a month and then when lockdown was announced and before symtom was included I lost sense of smell and taste for a few days ... at that time these were not considered symtoms so I never had a test .

Starlitexpress Sun 27-Sep-20 15:22:48

Yep, I kept getting dizzy. It was listed as a symptom when I did the antibody test. Lasted a couple of weeks.

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