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To be surprised at this reopening so soon?

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Rainbow12e Mon 22-Jun-20 08:40:59

DD says her local holiday playscheme is opening and they have said in the letter 'It will be busier then ever.' How are they going to be allowed to do that in 4 weeks time? I know the SD will be reduced but I can't see how they can have more than 20 kids in if even that?

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YinuCeatleAyru Mon 22-Jun-20 08:44:02

I guess 'we will be busier than ever' is marketing speak for 'we have fewer places than usual so expect to become fully booked very quickly, make sure you get your reservations in early'

Rainbow12e Mon 22-Jun-20 09:11:28

Yes, perhaps you are right.

I can't imagine what they could do with the children really. No close contact team games and surely would have to be the same bubble of children all the time.

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Hibbetyhob Mon 22-Jun-20 09:27:46

This link explains the current situation

No guidance until at least 4th July though they are expected to be able to run.

DidSheReallySayThat20 Mon 22-Jun-20 09:32:01

Busier than ever maybe means more activities spread about? As in busy doing more variety?

Waxonwaxoff0 Mon 22-Jun-20 09:32:45

Our local one is opening over the summer. It is run at the local leisure centre and they will be spending a lot of time doing outdoor activities. They're only taking 12 children a day.

wintersdawn Mon 22-Jun-20 09:38:58

No they do not have permission to open yet. None of the schemes do. They are hoping they will get permission and need to know if they will have the numbers to make opening viable.

The whole industry is in the same situation.

Rainbow12e Mon 22-Jun-20 10:25:11

Yes, I cannot imagine 12 would be a viable number once you include staff costs. Not to mention them surely having to turn away a lot of children so they dont go over capacity.

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Bol87 Mon 22-Jun-20 10:36:27

The one attached to my daughters nursery is opening over summer, I assume once confirmed they can.. BJ hasn’t gone back on anything yet so I doubt he’s going to start now while things remain stable & on level 3.

However I know of 3 after school clubs that started running the day the schools went back.. are they not meant to be?!

Ponoka7 Mon 22-Jun-20 11:58:57

I don't see why we aren't opening up schemes for those that want them. Other countries aren't having spikes among young people.

Plenty of families are going to be flying abroad from July. I know a few who are visiting their home countries, across Africa and India.

Why children should continue to suffer, has been asked by paediatricians etc.

FrugiFan Mon 22-Jun-20 18:18:27

I would read 'It will be busier then ever' to mean that the kids will be busy doing lots of things, not that it will be more people.

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