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Anyone else nervous about going back to work in retail?

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ssd Tue 09-Jun-20 23:53:56

I am, but I'm really anxious about the virus. It's the logistics, how to keep myself safe. I work in a big old building, loo's are 2 floors above me, staff canteen is 2 floors below. Lots of corridors, staff lockers all crammed together, lots if doors to open and buttons to press..lots of staff, hundreds all going about the place...

I'm nervous and scared.

Can anyone ell me if they have a plan for keeping as safe as possible. I know to wash my hands, is there anything practical you could advise me?

Oh, and I'll need to take public transport too.

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thatone Tue 09-Jun-20 23:58:07

Could you keep hand sanitizer in a pocket? Are you allowed to wear masks?

thatone Tue 09-Jun-20 23:59:32

Is it well ventilated? I can totally understand your anxiety.

Flaxmeadow Wed 10-Jun-20 00:00:56

I know you're scared and I can understand why it must be making you nervous but the most risk to retail workers, and it was a much bigger risk, was weeks ago, in March and April.

The risk is lower now because the virus isn't anywhere near being transmitted as much as it was, retail workers now have a lot more protection and customers have got used to social distancing and are a lot less likely to have the virus

Hope everything goes OK for you flowers

HairyFloppins Wed 10-Jun-20 00:04:27

Wear a mask, hand gel and keep your distance.

Hopefully your employer will have measures in place.

My dd has been working all the way through this in Home Bargains, all is ok so far, touch wood. Most people are very good at keeping their distance.

ssd Wed 10-Jun-20 00:09:16


It's not well ventilated at all, I work right at the back of the store, there's not even a window we could open. There's none air conditioning too, it gets very stuffy in the summer. I will wear a mask, but they protect others, not you I understand?
And my work trousers don't have pockets for gel or anything they have false pockets.

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TARSCOUT Wed 10-Jun-20 00:11:52

My sister has been working in a pharmacy and 4 of them less than 1 meter apart because that's all the space there is so SD isn't possible. They wear masks,.face shields and gloves and there has been no illness. I am readying our offices for returning. Staff will have staggered start and break times. Vending machines have been.emptied until further notice. There will be hot and cold water and microwave. People will have to bring prepared lunches and will eat at their desk or in canteen where seating will be rearranged. There will be cleaning materials in offices and kitchens for staff to use. You can carry hand sanitizer and wipes to clean toilet seat before use and taps after use. Any of that help?

Littlepurpleflower Wed 10-Jun-20 00:13:28

Has HR explained anything to you about daily temperature checks, masks, gloves and social distancing? Do you work in n are where people will be in close contact, ie make up?

ssd Wed 10-Jun-20 00:22:47

No nothing has been explained yet. I think they'll tell us just before we open really. I work in the bridal dept, but we know we can't do fittings now. We can sell mother of the bride stuff etc, not that weddings are happening either just now.... I might end up somewhere else, who knows...

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Redolent Wed 10-Jun-20 07:51:02

Some cloth masks are still pretty damn good at protecting the wearer. Especially the ones with a pocket for an additional filter (kitchen roll is perfect). Mabel & U sell them for a fiver.

Stay safe. Will personally wear a mask when I’m in a shop for the benefit of staff.

ssd Wed 10-Jun-20 09:35:09

Thanks, I'll look for those masks.

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ssd Wed 10-Jun-20 09:38:59

I can't find any links to mabel & u, I don't have Facebook or anything like that, do you have a link to their site or any details about buying their masks thank you.

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Thighmageddon Wed 10-Jun-20 09:44:28

Have you been told you're going back next week?

All retail stores will have to have very stringent measures in place because there's going to be spot checks apparently.

I'd try not to worry, the risk is so much lower now than it was back in March.

ssd Wed 10-Jun-20 10:01:42


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Mrsjayy Wed 10-Jun-20 10:07:08

My dd bought a holder (etsy) for her handgel that she is going to clip onto her work lanyard she isn't due back at work because we are on different phases here, good luck it must be really daunting.

ssd Wed 10-Jun-20 10:13:23

That's a good idea, I have a work lanyard I'll look on etsy for a holder.

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HaloeVera Wed 10-Jun-20 10:32:33

Are you in a union? This is the reason unions exist - to ensure health and safety for workers.

DamitJanet Wed 10-Jun-20 11:33:01

I managed to get hand sanitiser in little bottles with a clip so they’ll attach to a belt loop, keys etc. They’re novelty type ones from a gift shop (personalised etc) but high enough alcohol content, may be an option if no pockets.

Mrsjayy Wed 10-Jun-20 11:47:35

Garden centres also sell clipped sanitizer bottles but I dunno if they will be readily available atm.

starfish4 Wed 10-Jun-20 11:56:11

You'll probably find some of your concerns have been dealt with, the rest of the time the staff will do their best to socially distance. I've been working throughout in retail (not supermarket), similar building, lots of codes. We've got lots of santizier around, recommendations on hand and arm washing for 40-60 when we need it. Masks and vizors are available for us if we wish to use them, gloves that can be changed every time you leave the shop floor (and sanitised on shop floor). The canteen will probably have tables spread out or those marked up where you can sit. I think you'll probably find it's the customers (not all of them) who are the problem. Some won't ask you to move, they'll just reach over you to get something. We've been told if we're in a situation where we can't move back to ask customers to step back

You'll probably find quite a lot of the staff won't be back as they're either shielding, vulnerable or have childcare issues. I work in two places and we've only got 60% of staff available. That will help as well.

Tonz Wed 10-Jun-20 11:59:49

I've been working in a big supermarket the whole time with staff and customers. We have 2 metre distance rules, canteens adapted for distance, sanitizer available. It was scary at first but Not one colleague has had the virus yet so it seems to be working

ssd Wed 10-Jun-20 12:02:43

Thanks, that's good to hear. I'm sure my workplace will be well organised, they are a reputable company. It's just me being nervous and anxious. I'll look into getting a clip for my small hand sanitiser and maybe a plastic holder for my credit card that I can have on my lanyard, then I don't need a locker key.
It's just the thought of everything. It's a big place, not many lockers or toilets for 100s of staff, so people jammed into certain areas. It's a really old building, not built for social distancing. Narrow long corridors etc.

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rowlett Wed 10-Jun-20 12:22:20

Some won't ask you to move, they'll just reach over you to get something.
The majority of them where I work, unfortunately sad One of my colleagues was kneeling down to put something on a shelf the other day and instead of asking her to shift, a customer actually PUT HER HANDS ON HER BACK to squeeze past her. It's been horrific and I am getting out of this line of work as soon as other jobs become available, have been in retail about 5 years with few problems and the past few months have utterly broken me. All that said though OP as you said you work for a decent company (we definitely do not, we could all drop dead and they wouldn't care) and fingers crossed they will implement safety measures for you.

Redolent Wed 10-Jun-20 12:50:57

Sorry OP, I mistyped. It’s Mabel & Mu. Link below

ssd Wed 10-Jun-20 20:47:28

Great thanks

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