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Spain in October? A possibility?

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Concerned7777 Sun 07-Jun-20 05:44:08

Already had 1 holiday cancelled now have the possibility to move it to early October. Am I being unrealistic that this could be a normal family holiday? Pools open? Bars and restaurants open? Sun beds on beaches open? Attractions open?

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goosyray Sun 07-Jun-20 06:12:25

It's really hard one to judge we want to go to Murcia in October and hire a villa but holding out to see how things go.

Sallycinnamum Sun 07-Jun-20 08:12:16

We have a family holiday to Majorca in october and a girls weekend away in the last week of Sept (family holiday home).

I fully intend on going on both holidays unless our flights are cancelled.

Lots has already started opening back up now and unless they have to lockdown again we'll be going.

TheCanterburyWhales Sun 07-Jun-20 21:18:38

Yes, I think so.
Italian news today showed the German and Austrian tourists are coming in and we are only in June.
I am planning on travelling by August/Sept.

DamitJanet Sun 07-Jun-20 21:34:18

It’ll go ahead I would have thought, though I’m not convinced how ‘normal’ things would be, the ‘new normal’ I guess

zigzagbetty Mon 08-Jun-20 07:48:18

I'm booked to spain in September bit dont want to go now. I am I best cancelling now and losing the deposit or waiting it out and see if the holiday company cancels?

Youneverknowwhatyourgonnaget Mon 08-Jun-20 08:00:35

I’m booked to go Florida in Oct and at the minute I’m thinking I am going but not sure if I really want to if I’m honest

IcedPurple Mon 08-Jun-20 08:38:26

October is 4 months away. Think of how much has changed in the world since Feb. Oct could be a whole different world. That said, Spain and other European countries are already welcoming tourists - or will be soon - so I would say you can be cautiously optimistic that things could be reasonably normal by then. Of course there may very well be restrictions on pools and other facilities, so it would be up to you to know if travel is still worthwhile. You're lucky in that you can keep an eye on what happens over the next few months and decide if you'd still like to book. It's off season and many people won't want to travel, so I'm sure you could book pretty much last minute and still get a good deal.

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