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So what are the new rules from June 1st?

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Frume Tue 02-Jun-20 08:13:44

I know we can now see up to 6 people in the garden, as long as we don't use the house. Unless to walk through, or use the loo...

Are we allowed to go to second homes yet? Not that I have one, just wondering where we are at now.

When are non essential shops opening?

I appreciate I could Google this, please don't shoot me down.

I'm grateful for any replies of simplifying the rules, thank you!

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ArriettyJones Tue 02-Jun-20 08:14:39

Are we allowed to go to second homes yet? Not that I have one, just wondering where we are at now.


feelingverylazytoday Tue 02-Jun-20 08:16:10

No, 'we' can't go to 2nd homes yet.
Non essential shops are opening on June 15th.

feelingverylazytoday Tue 02-Jun-20 08:17:25

These are the rules

Frume Tue 02-Jun-20 08:19:46

I see how that reads now grin I really don't have a second home, I was thinking more that we have a holiday cottage booked for July and whether we're allowed to travel there yet blush

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Frume Tue 02-Jun-20 08:20:21

Thank you @feelingverylazytoday

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Drivingdownthe101 Tue 02-Jun-20 08:20:29

Nothing much has changed apart from the 6 people outside thing. So I’m not sure why people are wailing about ‘lockdown being lifted’ grin, it’s a pretty small change.
No to second homes (if you have one wink). Oh and it’s now illegal to have someone else in your house unless it’s a tradesperson or they’re going to the toilet.

feelingverylazytoday Tue 02-Jun-20 08:24:12

Agree with you, Drivingdownthe101, lockdown still seems pretty strict to me. We've been allowed to exercise outside throughout, for good reasons.

Laiste Tue 02-Jun-20 09:50:06

I'm confused too OP. Trouble is i've been watching the news and they tell you all the UKs rules (Wales, Ireland, Scotland) and it's all got mixed into one hmm For anyone needing a quick read i've copy and pasted this from the governments site:

From Monday 1 June, there are a limited number of things you will be able to do in England that you could not do before:

- spend time outdoors, including private gardens and other outdoor spaces, in groups of up to six people from different households, following social distancing guidelines
- visit car showrooms and outdoor markets
- in line with the arrangements made by your school, send your child to school or nursery if they are in early years, reception, year 1 or year 6
- if you are an elite athlete as defined by this guidance, train and compete using the specified gyms, pools and sports facilities you need

You cannot:

- visit friends and family inside their homes
- stay overnight away from your own home, except for in a limited set of circumstances, such as for work purposes
- exercise in an indoor sports court, gym or leisure center, or go swimming in a public pool
- use an outdoor gym or playground
- gather outdoors in a group of more than six (excluding members of your own household)

strugglingwithdeciding Tue 02-Jun-20 09:53:16

I believe next set of restrictions being eased will be from July 4th assuming. That cases haven't gone up etc and we can also go backwards with restrictions

manicinsomniac Tue 02-Jun-20 09:56:54

Nothing to stop you going to a second home but you aren't allowed to stay anywhere overnight so probably not much point. But you can leave the house and drive for non essential reasons now so if someone wanted to go and paint the fence or clean the windows or whatever, there's nothing to stop them as long as they come home that day. I think.

Non essential shops 15th June generally but IKEA opened yesterday so idk.

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