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I'm really scared things will never go back to normal

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ssd Sun 31-May-20 17:49:58

I have anxiety so maybe thoughts are fudged. Also furloughed, so losing touch with normality.

But I can't see how things will ever be the same again. It terrifies me.

covetingthepreciousthings Sun 31-May-20 17:57:40

Didn't want to read and run OP thanks

You aren't alone. I feel similarly, also furloughed too, which I think hasn't helped.

I think they will eventually, but no one can say how long before they do, it's just such a massive unknown scenario we are all
facing sad

I will say that I have felt much better when I stopped reading all the news about it and I also stopped watching the daily briefings, it made my mind ease a bit - so might be something to try cut down on if you are still reading a lot of news on the situation.

joan04 Sun 31-May-20 18:13:59

I think for the duration of lockdown I have been constantly thinking things would go back to normal in a few weeks/months or so but it hit me yesterday that they probably won't for a couple of years now. Yesterday was the first time I ventured into Central London since lockdown began and what did it was the new guidance for getting on London buses - the driver being completely sealed off, posters all over them saying a maximum capacity of 20 people (for a double decker bus). Posters all over Victoria station telling people to wear masks, etc. I just don't see anything changing now until a vaccine is produced and organisations like TFL wouldn't introduce these measures or spend such big amounts on the marketing/public awareness campaign for it if it wasn't for the long haul.

helpfulperson Sun 31-May-20 18:29:15

things may not get back to the way they were previously any time soon but you will be surprised how fast people will adapt to the new normal. Remember how peculiar it was when we had to start not taking liquids through security at the airport and all the restrictions that came with that. First couple of flights it felt odd and hard to remember what you were allowed and what you weren't. And now its just how you catch a flight. well that's what will happen with all these changes.

The80sweregreat Sun 31-May-20 18:31:16

I've put this on the back burner until now.
I feel robbed that just as things was looking up for dh and I this comes along! Was hoping to go on holiday.
I feel bad for my friends who have lost their jobs and will struggle to get a new one.
I feel for the young who should be out enjoying themselves and traveling the world and just having fun or going to proms and graduation ceremonies.
I feel sad and want everyone to have their old lives back.
I feel sad that all these new ways of living will take so long to get used to.
It feels inhumane and so very unfair.
Vaccine talk has dropped a bit and in its place are tracing and apps. Vaccines may take longer than people think and the autumn and winter will be even more depressing as queuing up will be in the cold.
It hit me the other day how much has altered and how bad it really is and how long before we can have any kind of normal !

Bluntness100 Sun 31-May-20 18:31:28

I think you guys need to watch the nightly press conferences. Things will be very likely back t9 normal by the end of July.

Don’t worry.

Bluntness100 Sun 31-May-20 18:33:40

It’s not really just about a vaccine, they already think they can cure it.

Plus in addition the vaccine they are delveping stops it becoming dangerous for those infected who it may become serious for.

ButteryPuffin Sun 31-May-20 18:33:42

The vaccine news from Oxford looks very positive. They are on second round of trials and still talking about it being ready in September which isn't a guarantee but is a lot faster than expected. We will get our lives back. We will.

The80sweregreat Sun 31-May-20 18:34:03

Bluntness, really? I've given up on the last few , but without a vaccine how can it be even remotely 'normal'?
I feel your having us on! Or do people really think this?

attackedbycritters Sun 31-May-20 18:36:28

For things to be back to normal by end of July...are you assuming everyone can get the virus over the next 2 months and then we can pick up the wreckage?

What have I missed?

Aquamarine1029 Sun 31-May-20 18:36:39

"Normal" has never stayed the same, though, has it? We have always had to adapt to changes and challenges, and we all figure out a new normal to continue with life. We'll be fine. You will be fine.

TheAdventuresoftheWishingChair Sun 31-May-20 18:36:43

They absolutely will. Even with the Spanish Flu, which was much more catastrophic, you had the roaring twenties after. People are innately resilient as a species - we will have marriages and babies and people creating businesses and people will travel. We just have to get through this patch. It was the same with the war - yes it left it's mark and it changed things but life carried on. I promise we will be ok. Anxiety is horrible isn't it? Are you getting any support with that?

EBM20 Sun 31-May-20 18:41:11

Yes I'm scared too! The week that lockdown happened I found out I was pregnant and lost my job! Universal credits are shit when your used to a healthy salary, I've had to use savings to be able to pay bills each month! Every week that goes by I can't help but think I have less of a chance of being able to get a job before baby comes in November and I feel like nobody would employ me as I'm pregnant and I'm starting to show now!

joan04 Sun 31-May-20 18:43:17

@Bluntness100 I admire your optimism but my work have said we should expect not to return to the office until next year. Public transport is operating with severe restrictions on numbers and is likely too again until next year, most likely when a vaccine is released.

Even the most optimistic figures suggest 18 months for a vaccine.

Even if things go back to how they were before in that timeframe it feels like such a large chunk out of peoples lives. Two years is a hell of a big number in reality, I was hoping to get back into the dating scene this year following a breakup a couple of years ago and I finally felt ready. As I am in my late 30s I worry about my fertility and having this time taken from me is not something I planned for or envisaged. Even if pubs reopen the thought of 'social distance' dating sounds horrible.

The80sweregreat Sun 31-May-20 18:44:09

EBM20 : that really is hard. I'm sorry.
I'm getting on and been so lucky compared to what your going through especially having a baby too. That also changes your life.
I hope things pick up : employment will be a tough one for the government to crack but new opportunities may come out of this?
It's really just caused so much havoc.

Sunshinegirl82 Sun 31-May-20 18:49:12

If (obviously that’s a big if) the Oxford vaccine works I think they’ll be looking to try and roll it out by the end of the year. If not there are other vaccines snapping at its heels, it won’t be long before something is up and running.

2020 will be a tough year but I honestly think it will turn around in 2021 and by 2022 we’ll be looking back and thinking “that was shit wasn’t it, thank god it’s over!”

No guarantees of anything but if the human race bounced back from the Spanish flu we can definitely bounce back from this!

BirdieFriendReturns Sun 31-May-20 18:50:27

Did things never get better after the 1918 flu outbreak then? Or the pandemics in 1957/1968/2009?

notheragain4 Sun 31-May-20 18:50:43

I feel exactly the same, it's so worrying. This year was a big year for us for so many reasons, completely upside down and don't even think we will be able to postpone what we were supposed to do.

If I hear "the new normal" one more time I will chew my arm off and throw it at the TV. And not to mention the constant reminder of the impending recession.

WoollyMollyMonkey Sun 31-May-20 19:09:26

Well I’m worried about all this with Brexit on the top. Feel sick with worry.

roff Sun 31-May-20 19:13:47

Even the most optimistic figures suggest 18 months for a vaccine

So you mean pessimistic? The most optimistic claims are for September!

Tartan333 Sun 31-May-20 19:15:15

I am very worried about this too, I just want our old lives back. I miss everything. It seems to me that there will be no fun anymore, just existence. I feel sad for everyone.

RunningNinja79 Sun 31-May-20 19:26:18

I get this feeling in waves. I'm feeling a bit more positive now, but no doubt I'll see something and think that's it things will never be the same again. It's OK saying we will get used to the new normal etc etc, but the new normal sounds like it will be shit TBH. The things I enjoy doing most can involve large numbers of people and holidays.

IcedPurple Sun 31-May-20 19:27:27

I'm the same. My job, which I love, depends on travel and meeting people. It's obviously not going to happen for the foreseeable future and may never recover. It's possible some of our activities could be done online but a life with no travel and 'interacting' with others via computer screens seems sad to me.

I too loathe the expressions 'the new normal' and 'learning to live with this virus' with a passion.

FedUpofLockdown123 Sun 31-May-20 19:58:30

@Bluntness100 I love your posts. I'm so anxious and worried about everything but everytime I see a thread like this I click into it hoping to see a post from you as they always reassure me.

SpeedofaSloth Sun 31-May-20 20:01:24

I share your anxiety today, OP. I have worked throughout and have been really very resilient so far but DS' school has pit his return back to 15 June and it feels like a massive setback. Rationally I know it isn't, but I am struggling with it all a bit today.

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