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Annoyed - frustrated

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nicannie Sun 31-May-20 05:16:28

Here in Scotland the rules have now changed. You can meet up to 6 people outside as long as social distancing measures still apply. Which is great. I have a 10 week old baby and it means I can now meet up with my family in their or our gardens at a safe distance so they can see my daughter - which everyone has been desperate to do as you could imagine.

Yesterday, it seems half of my local area took the new rules and flaunted them to the extreme. I seen parties down the beach which the police had to sort, al lot of people I know who have babies or kids were at their friends houses having a 'reunion party' and getting drunk, cuddling, cheersing glasses together (if that makes sense) and in groups of more than 6 and inside each other's homes. Their kids probably having sleep overs with the grandparents

I feel like I'm the only one I know still abiding by the rules, and worried to let people be around or hold / pick up my daughter. I feel like I'm starting to get panicky about a major spike in my area considering half of the people I'm mentioning breaking rules work in either care homes, NHS or with children or vulnerable people. I'm keeping grandparents away from my daughter to keep her and everyone around me safe but all they see around them is grandparents getting their loved ones over for sleepovers or whatever. Am I wrong to be frustrated with those around me not abiding the rules ? I know this is happening all over the country but I just feel so annoyed and unsure now. I'm not sure what I'm looking for here, maybe just opinions of what everyone else is doing ? Are you still abiding by the rules ?

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Trevsadick Sun 31-May-20 07:34:01

There's loads of threads about this.

Lots of people are abiding by the rules.

I get you feel everyone should be doing the 'right thing'. But you can't control others. You are only responsible for yourself and your child.

Just remind yourself, that you being angry isn't going to change whether there's a spike in you area. Being angry isn't going to make people stick to any guidelines. But it will impact you.

It may feel like nobody else is doing it, but that's highly unlikely.

So do what you feel is the right thing, that's all you can do.

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