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I’ve got symptoms.... Again....

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Beaniebeemer Sat 30-May-20 22:43:46

I had symptoms of the virus back in mid April. So I had to self isolate the family and take two weeks out of work (only started the job in March).

I’ve come home from work today and I’ve got a temperature again and don’t feel 100%.

What do I do? It’s going to look so shit if I go off from work again (work in a major supermarket) but what else can I do?

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curtainsforme Sat 30-May-20 22:44:28

Get a test

FurForksSake Sat 30-May-20 22:46:13

Isolate and book a test, only thing to do. Easily booked on the NHS or government website. You would be being a massive idiot to go to work symptomatic, surely??

FiveFootTwoEyesOfBlue Sat 30-May-20 22:48:05

Has the supermarket chain not given employees advice on what to do if you have symptoms? They may even be able to request the test on your behalf, if you're considered a keyworker.

PurpleDaisies Sat 30-May-20 22:49:02

Book a test and your whole household needs to isolate again. It’s unlucky but at least you should be able to get tested now.

Beaniebeemer Sat 30-May-20 22:49:11

I know but employers don’t see it that way do they. My employer has in my view been utterly negligent throughout this in so many ways.

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overworkedandstressed Sat 30-May-20 22:49:54

Why 2 weeks? You only have to isolate for 7 days if its you who has symptoms. Your family isolate for 14 because of delay in symtoms.
If you again have symptoms then you will have to isolate for another 7. Who cares if it looks shit. On the off chance you have covid you could spread it and that wouldn't just look shit it would be shit

FurForksSake Sat 30-May-20 22:59:12

I don't think your customers really give a shit about anything other than symptomatic people staying at home. Tell them you have food poisoning if you have to, whatever. You cannot in good conscience go to work, it would be absolutely wrong.

Isolate, tell work you won't be in, get a test, if no fever for 48hrs, go back to work. This isn't hard. I'm sorry if they have a shit attitude, but it should make no difference to this right now.

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