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New lodger, allowed?

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Maria1921 Wed 27-May-20 18:45:13

I read that people are allowed to move house during lockdown but what is the current protocol for a new lodger?

I let two rooms in my house. One lodger moved out a week into lockdown and the room has been empty since then. Now a man leaving a bad marriage has asked to move in. He would share the bathroom, kitchen and dining room with us. He is in a manual trade and has been employed all through lockdown.

We have had no visitors since lockdown started.

Is he allowed to move in? If so, how can we know he is not an asymptomatic carrier? Would we be insane to let him move in, or do we just need to take precautions like disinfecting everything he touches for two weeks? Or for as long as any CV precautions are in place? Am I being over-cautious?

We live in an area that has one of the lowest rates of CV by the way.

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Maria1921 Wed 27-May-20 21:48:45

may I bump this up please?

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LilyPond2 Wed 27-May-20 22:57:38
If you are in England, government guidance now says you are allowed to move house, so my understanding is that it would be legal for him to move in.
I think the bigger question for you is whether you want to take that risk. There can be no guarantee that he isn't incubating the virus on the day he moves in, or that he won't subsequently contract the virus while living with you. You need to be aware that even if you disinfect every surface he touches, you could still catch the virus from him if you spend time together in the same room and he is infectious. Personally, I would say don't do it unless you are desperate for the money. As you presumably know, the likelihood of having a serious case of Covid-19 increases greatly with age and with certain medical conditions, so the level of risk you would be taking depends on the ages of you and the family members who live with you, and whether any of you have underlying medical conditions.

WyfOfBathe Thu 28-May-20 00:47:48

It's allowed. He then becomes part of your household.

Assuming you're not vulnerable, I personally think you sound over-cautious. I would let him and wouldn't bother with disinfecting every single surface or anything. But then DH & I are both keyworkers so to me having a worker in your house during lockdown doesn't seem worrying.

Lumene Thu 28-May-20 08:50:17

It’s allowed it’s more if you want to take the risk or not.

Bearbehind Thu 28-May-20 09:15:02

or do we just need to take precautions like disinfecting everything he touches for two weeks? Or for as long as any CV precautions are in place?

That simply isn’t going to be practical or effective

He’ll be sharing your house and breathing in the same rooms as you - you can’t constantly clean everything!

You just need to decide if you want someone else living with you in theses circumstances and, if you do, pretty much carry on as normal

Maria1921 Thu 28-May-20 16:42:03

Thank you for the replies.

I am torn 50-50 on this.

I was hoping for replies that would sway me one way or another and help me decide.

I asked the other lodger and they are OK with it.

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Maria1921 Thu 28-May-20 22:08:07

bump pls

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numberplate23 Fri 29-May-20 07:55:25

I think if you can afford it I'd just have the one lodger you've got already. Review again next spring.
This winter may well bring another spike in cases.
Sounds like you'd be worrying all the time if new lodger was bringing the virus into your house, that may affect your mental health.
I could take on more cleaning work where I come into contact with more people but for now I'd rather not especially as DD has asthma.

Maria1921 Fri 29-May-20 08:54:42

@numberplate23 thank you

and thanks to everyone.

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