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To be thankful for this afterall

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Poppypopsx Wed 27-May-20 16:29:08

Obviously coronavirus is the worst thing that's happened to us as a whole in a long time. It came along 6 months into my child's first year at school. I remember being sad the week schools shut. (i even cried in private) whilst she completed her last day. She had just started going to parties and watching her make friends after a shy/slow start was amazing. I spent a couple of weeks so hopeful she would go back. Gutted that she was loosing out on her first year in that cosy play environment. Her sleep was finally going well. I had less tidying to do. I was looking forward to a summer to focus on potty training my two year old. I wanted to spend one on one time with him like my eldest got at 2. I couldn't wait to take him to the park for ice-cream after the school drop off.

Having my DD back at home has been odd. It's been a long long couple of months. We have some right lazy days! Routine has gone our the window and I am abit worried about getting back into it again.

But yesterday I was watching my son following her around the garden. They were playing together and laughing. It just made me think it's actually really nice. For 2 months my son's had a playmate to share all this lovely weather with. When my daughter started school (I know this sounds abit funny) but I missed making her dinner and having her sit with me at dinner. I've had the chance to do all that again.

It does feel like we've gone back a year. Sometimes I want to cry from the lack of time to myself. But they are only little once and it's actually been lovely to have my daughter back.

She's not going back this year. I'm determined not to dwell. It's the end of an era but I'm going to try and give us the best summer I can. We won't ever get this chance again I guess. So it's good to Make the most of it.

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