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Are you living in France, Germany, Spain? Worried about a second peak?

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C1239 Tue 19-May-20 20:59:42

Is there anyone living in France, Germany, Spain? Are things starting to feel more normal? Are you worried about a second peak at sometime later in the year?

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CroissantsAtDawn Thu 21-May-20 06:53:30

Im in France. I think there will be a 2nd peak but Im not too worried about it healthwise, we coped with the first and we ve learnt from the first. The number of intensive beds has increased incredibly. Everyone knows what to do (handwashing, social distancing) and businesses who can WFH are now set up.

My DC are back in school next week. We've been sent vidoes for them to know what behaviour to adopt. The school has built a load of sinks in the playground for handwashing. They will be in half classes and well spread out. We will continue to receive work for them to do at home.

My biggest fear is the economy. Hopefully the lessons learned from the first lockdown will enable a 2nd peak to do less damage.

ArfArfBarf Thu 21-May-20 06:59:51

I line in Germany and I’m not that worried. I think the contact tracing is working and we have mandatory mask wearing in certain places now which will help.

Even if there is a second peak, the individual chance I will catch it is low and I wouldn’t find it so bad to lockdown again.

So overall, no, not very worried.

Watchagotcha Thu 21-May-20 07:17:17

I’m in France. A second wave seems inevitable, unless the very hot weather has some big impact. Am I worried? I don’t particularly want to go back into lockdown, just as we are enjoying a bit a deconfinement. It would be mentally hard to go backwards. I feel like the government are very on top of things though: the bottom line is whether there are enough hospital/ICU beds to cope, and as Croissants says the govt has poured huge resources into increasing capacity. And I don’t think they would hesitate to reimpose proper lockdown if they believed it was necessary.

Nothing feels normal though. We can see friends and family, but everyone knows it’s not “normal” and that we should be observing social distancing. The shops are open, but with plastic screens, security guards, Long queues, masks - it’s not normal. I’ve no desire to shop - all my shopping other than food is done online these days. We still don’t know what will happen this summer, but a deuxième vague would definitely have an impact on that, if it’s big and long lasting enough.

Frenchfancy Thu 21-May-20 07:25:34

I'm not worried about an imminent second wave. As @Watchagotcha said things are not normal. Lots of masks and screens, No one is shaking hands or kissing (which feels very strange.)

But I am worried about a second wave once normality reappears. Once cinemas, churches and theatres reopen. Once weddings and baptisms and first communions happen . Once the bars reopen and people start to travel again. That is when it will happen.

totallyyesno Thu 21-May-20 07:25:49

I'm in Italy. I'm not too worried. I think there will be a second peak but possibly lower than before as we are now much more aware and taking precautions. We have just booked a holiday for August so will be very annoyed if we have to lockdown again!

C1239 Thu 21-May-20 07:56:16

Great to hear everyone’s thoughts. I can’t help feeling your governments are more on it than here in the UK!

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brittanyfairies Thu 21-May-20 08:07:22

I'm in France and a second peak seems inevitable. However everyone is being vigilant and taking as many precautions as possible, so hopefully won't be as bad as the first.

The older generation need to take more care, the ones I know have gone straight back to life as it was before. I'm making efforts to keep them safe and they've all rushed back to supermarkets, aperos and the bise.

CroissantsAtDawn Thu 21-May-20 08:09:27

Oh and agree with others in France - things are not normal here.

Where I am, 99% wear masks outside and in shops. All shops make you wash your hands before coming in. Shopping is an unpleasant experience. Deliveries are hit and miss (things go missing and I still havent been reimbursed for one of them - missing since March).

We're restricted on how far we can travel. Restaurants and sports centres etc are still closed.

I think there will be a second peak but I hope it's after the summer holidays.

chloechloe Thu 21-May-20 08:29:52

I’m in the south of Germany where they have been more cautious about reopening than in the north (each state adopts its own rules).

It feels far from normal here even though shops have reopened as well as restaurants with outside space. You have to wear a mask to go into shops, banks etc. I’ve been out for coffee and ice cream and you have to sign in with your contact details so they can trace you if necessary. Meeting with friends in small groups feels strange as you can’t greet them as you would normally. I have a 1, 3 and 5 yo and we go out for walks and bike rides and out for ice cream etc but it’s a bit stressful trying to observe social distancing. I’m not so worried about any of us catching it as we’re all healthy and I think it’s unavoidable to a large extent. But I worry more about other people freaking out if the kids go too near.

As for a second wave, I think it will come in autumn but that it will be more manageable than before. Now people can only be more aware of the risk.

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