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Can I give my 13 year old DD 1000 I.U of Vitamin d3?

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NutellaOnButteryToast Sat 16-May-20 12:42:19


Just that really. We've just had some delivered, but I couldn't find any information anywhere about children not being able to have it, but it's classed as 500% of your RDA, so is it too high a dose to give to a 13 year old?


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MoMandaS Sat 16-May-20 12:43:51

It's fine. Paediatrician recommended that dose for all 3 of mine, all much younger than yours.

ofwarren Sat 16-May-20 12:45:18

It will be fine. My 5 year old is on a prescription of 800 a day.

dementedpixie Sat 16-May-20 12:46:45

NHS says:

Do not take more than 100 micrograms of vitamin Da day as it could be harmful. This applies to adults, including pregnant and breastfeeding women and the elderly, and children aged 11 to 17 years.

100ug is 4000IU

My 1000IU (25ug) tablets say ok for children age 12+. 10ug (400IU) is the recommended dose for kids 1+ and adults

CoronaLonaSad Sat 16-May-20 12:47:31

Why do you want to?

dementedpixie Sat 16-May-20 12:49:20

Its recommended to take 10ug of vitamin D. May also help against worse side effects from covid 19 and cant hurt to take them anyway as long as you are within recommended limits

Thighmageddon Sat 16-May-20 12:50:52

Mine takes that dose.

NutellaOnButteryToast Sat 16-May-20 13:11:18

Thanks everyone.

I think given the latest research, it makes sense.

Both my DD and I have mild asthma, so not ultra high risk, but still think it's worth arming ourselves where we can, given we both have ended up in hospital with respiratory problems.

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Soontobe60 Sat 16-May-20 13:14:56

This might help, it has some links on it for additional information.

NutellaOnButteryToast Sat 16-May-20 20:26:55

Thanks @Soontobe60.

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