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Social distancing at work

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CoronaLonaSad Mon 11-May-20 18:11:34

The government makes this sound easy! .... It's so not!!! I'm in healthcare. We r meant to be social distancing in the team office. It's basically impossible.. !! One of us gets it we all get it.

It is v hard to keep 2m away from others at work - espwcially if you are all in and out of doors, the kitchen, the toilet, other rooms etc... all day and don't have enough/appropriate cleaning materials to clean all sorry handles etc.. as you go along! You also have to have half
(or more) of the office working from home and half in the office, on a rota, otherwise you would all be sitting right next to each other.

It is basically impossible!

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Disneylover4321 Mon 11-May-20 18:14:05

I went back to work after MAT leave today and we was still doing face to face meetings! We was sat 2 metres apart though.

Cornettoninja Mon 11-May-20 18:16:40

This is my office with a manager who refuses to even consider home working (NHS) despite nearly all of the work being desk based hmm

We’ve been working like this the whole time though (not really the time to willingly become unemployed is it?) so it’s interesting to see how the general reaction is playing out on a wider scale.

There’s a little tiny part of me that thinks my manager deserves to deal with an outbreak in the department but I’m not really keen on bringing covid home to my family...

Disneylover4321 Mon 11-May-20 18:17:54


Unfortunately, my job is impossible to do from home.

Cornettoninja Mon 11-May-20 19:11:28

It sounds like a rota is their best bet then tbh. That’s a pain for staff and potentially a financial loss if they have to reduce hours but ultimately those are exactly the kinds of changes they should be looking at.

My place refuses to consider changes to core office hours or weekend working so are just basically refusing to facilitate any kind of meaningful social distancing at all.

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