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DC's dad having new partner and her child to visit during contact

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newmumintown Mon 11-May-20 16:50:54

Very long story has meant that DCs recently went a long time (maybe 6 weeks) without seeing their dad. Short story is that dad has a history of using the children as weapons against me and wouldnt give assurances they would be returned after agreed contact, given the current situation.

Having finally got these formal assurances, children went for first contact this weekend. They have returned saying that their dad had his girlfriend and her dd to stay overnight while they were there, with the daughter sharing a room with my DCs.

They definitely do not live there, in fact they live about 50 miles away. I know this is against the rules, no question, but given we have only just reestablished contact, do I make a major deal about this or let it go for the sake of harmony?

For the record I'm really pissed off about it, but a history of abuse with this man makes me constantly question how rational I am being.

Sorry if any of this is garbled, I'm cooking the tea while I type!

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Layladylay234 Mon 11-May-20 17:20:38

Oooh,don't you just love those ex's who've messed with our heads so much that we continue to doubt ourselves.
Not sure how old your kids are or whether they are bothered about seeing their dad,but I'd just send a very formal email explaining what you know and that you won't be sending the kids again for this reason. I know this might be hard if he was emotionally abusive in the past but you could always contact the police/women's aid for advice. X

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