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Positive test result

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SirBale Mon 11-May-20 10:51:41

Don’t know where else to ask this or how to get help and advice. I have been filling in the Corona virus symptom tracker for over a month and last weekend reported mild symptoms of stomach pain, a mild sore throat and some shortness of breath (I have the exact same symptom caused by anxiety previously). On Monday morning I was asked to get a test as a volunteer of the app. At this point I didn’t think there was any chance a I had it as no obvious temperature and no cough. I was lucky enough to get the test the same day. Over the last week I have had other mild symptoms such as night sweats, intermittent shortness of breath, neck pain, a dry throat and a burning sensation in chest and throat. I still didn’t think I had it but yesterday my result came back as positive!

As I live alone I’m now incredibly paranoid that my symptoms will get worse. In theory today is 7 days from when I was tested and I should be able to go back to work tomorrow. At no point have a felt particularly unwell but don’t know what I should do next. Any advice from anyone else whose tested positive and suffered only mild symptoms or whose symptoms have got worse after 7 days?
Not sure if I should phone doctors or 111 for advice.

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YouAreMySunshinee Mon 11-May-20 10:59:19

When did you have the test? Lots of people do only have very mild symptoms and some don't even know they have it.
I have had some aching of my top body and a temperature. I work frontline so can get a test. I am off work this week anyway and not going anywhere but wondering whethe to get a test.

SirBale Mon 11-May-20 11:06:29

I got the test last Monday and the results came back yesterday. A lot longer than the anticipated 48 hours but then I’m not frontline and only had it as a volunteer for the symptom tracker app. Without using the app I would never have known that I had it given the symptoms I have and the lack of the most common symptoms such as a cough.

Just really scared that the cough and serious breathing difficulties are going to occur suddenly.

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YouAreMySunshinee Mon 11-May-20 11:09:59

It sounds like you just have a mild case, I think if it were to get worse it would have by now.
What app did you use?

NotEverythingIsBlackandWhite Mon 11-May-20 11:14:41

"Not sure if I should phone doctors or 111 for advice."
What would you do if MN where plenty of posters have no common sense and are incapable of understanding a clear message from the PM didn't exist? Would you make that phone call to the GP or 111? Would you decide that, even if symptoms are mild, you go to work where you could inadvertently kill another person or would you stay home until a symptoms were gone?

babychange12 Mon 11-May-20 11:24:00

If you can get hold of a pulse oximeter, try and get one. I think nice guidelines are to admit you if it falls below 92% so keep monitoring it. Covid seems to cause silent hypoxia so a lot of people don't present with shortness of breath until they are in the 60-80% which by then is too late.

Layladylay234 Mon 11-May-20 11:24:10

Hey,I can imagine you're worried,but try not to worry. Everyone seems to be different in the way the virus is effecting them and if these are your symptoms,it might mean you won't get any worse. I've read on here of peoples husband's/wives testing positive and then being negative,it's a weird one. My partner and I are also on the app,we got tested Thurs. Mine came back last night as negative and his is still waiting,he just has a sore throat with no temp either.

My friend in London works in retail and was off for 7 days with symptoms about a month back before you could get tested. She went back to work after 7 days,although I'm not sure that was the best thing to do as it's unclear if you're still infectious. I'd say,if you're worried and can take another few days off,then take them off but equally going back to work if you feel fine,and that's what's being suggested, it might make you feel better x

Layladylay234 Mon 11-May-20 11:28:51

Official advice about 7 days and symptoms

LolaLollypop Mon 11-May-20 11:28:53

DH 92 year old granddad had it - tested positive. His only symptom was a cough (no fever). He's just returned home from hospital (he was already in hospital for something else and caught Covid there. He wasn't hospitalised for the virus). So don't panic - go with how you feel. If your symptoms get too much to manage the Dr/hospital is there if you need it.

SirBale Mon 11-May-20 11:45:19

Thank you for the words of advice and messages.

I have not really felt unwell at any point since I was tested last Monday. A whole host of random symptoms which have come and gone.

I have used the Zoe/kings college tracker app and it was through them I was advised to get a test. I genuinely thought it would be negative as I’ve had none of the most obvious symptoms such as a cough, loss of smell/taste, no obvious fever other than one morning feeling shivery and a coupe of night sweats etc. Shows how important filling in something like that is though you help in the tracking of the virus.

I have ordered an oximeter from Amazon today which will hopefully be here tomorrow and will of course phone 111 if it becomes any worse in the meantime.

I don’t have to be in work until Thursday anyway and if I have even the slightest symptoms regardless of timelines I won’t go in.

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babychange12 Tue 12-May-20 23:37:49

Hi op how are you doing today? Hope you're feeling better

SirBale Wed 13-May-20 09:13:58

@babychange12 thanks for asking. I’m glad I took your advice at got the pulse oximeter that has consistently been 97+ which took a massive weight of. I feel okay in myself, no temperature, no cough and no shortness of breath. Haven’t got much of an appetite still but have been receiving texts from NHS 111 helpline which says if I’m not in a high risk group and feeling well I can leave the house today might give it another day though at least.

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