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DD(15) worried about going back to school

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DrMadelineMaxwell Mon 11-May-20 00:55:08

Not because it's been announced that her year are - we are in Wales so there's just a blanket 'Schools will not be going back yet at the start of June' so far.

But, she has been coping really well with her lot under lockdown and I was not worried about her much. She was going for the odd walk and doing lots of facetiming with her friends.

The last few days and she's gone quiet with her friends. And, more worryingly, is saying that she genuinely doesn't feel like she will be able to cope when it comes time to go back to school. She cites being annoyed with everyone so quickly in her school as one reason. I think it's partly the fact that she's out of the habit of it and I hope will accept and readjust to going back when the time comes.

But it's a worry. She doesn't struggle in school, so it's not that. She got As in her y10 mocks, so has those GCSEs under her belt now based on the high teacher predictions, backed up by those results. She's happy about that.

But I am concerned that she really seems so anti going back to school.

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FortunesFave Mon 11-May-20 03:08:56

Mine's the same....but we're in Oz and she could have returned last week but was very difficult about it. Now it's Monday morning here and she refused to get out of bed.

She's 15 too and sensitive.

I've told her that we're living in a very odd time...they're going through a weird transition now but that it WILL all feel normal again very quickly.

I think they've had to cope with a lot for young people....

Spinakker Mon 11-May-20 07:43:07

Maybe trying not to make it too much of a big deal and not focusing on it too much would help. I'm sure she'll be ok at the time. Maybe you could even offer some sort of treat after the first week back at school.

Bluntness100 Mon 11-May-20 07:47:10

Unless there is a deeper issue op and she’s normally fine, I’d assume her and her friends are all saying they don’t want to go back

A bit like on here with adults doing the same thing.

As soon as her friends go back she will want to. They will have a whinge, but that’s it,

adelaya Mon 11-May-20 10:21:38

I didn’t think year 10s were getting results, as they can still take them next year. I think she’ll be fine once her friends are all back

Whitestick Mon 11-May-20 10:25:03

I wonder if people who've coped well under lockdown will find it harder to return, and vice versa?
I know if you have been careful about following the rules etc these last weeks and you know many young people in schools simply won't stick to guidelines you might be both annoyed and apprehensive.

DrMadelineMaxwell Mon 11-May-20 11:01:11

Her school have definitely announced that if they were sitting the GCSE this year they would get grades allocated according to teacher assessment. For her that means english lit, maths and half of each of her sciences.

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