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Having a one woman pity party today....

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JorisBonson Sun 10-May-20 18:48:30

And just here to rant.

I'm fed up of cooking. I just dropped a load of the roast dinner I was making and that seems to have been the straw that's broken the camel's back. I've chucked the lot in the sink and now sitting here having a bit of a cry.

I want to go and see my mum who I haven't seen since Christmas and I want to go to restaurants. I want to see my friends and lose this enormous amount of weight I've put on in lockdown. I want to dress up and put makeup on and go somewhere other then my garden.

I'm just bloody fed up.

(Despite this I will still continue to sit in my house and get fat and throw dinners in the sink until told otherwise).

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PerditaProvokesEnmity Mon 11-May-20 08:16:17

Bad luck with the dinner! Though I'm sure some of it could have been saved?

Entirely sympathise with the wanting to dress up thing. I really miss leaving the house swathed in perfume. In normal times I sometimes wore it alone at home - but I've completely lost the thread of the narrative of my own life now, so it feels pointless.

And (this feels awful to say) so much cooking. Online food shopping and consequent kitchen activity has increased to fill the void - but as I'm not wearing my 'out' clothes I have no idea if I can still get into them.

The only good thing is that, perhaps wanting to be sure I keep my wits about me, I've lost all inclination for alcohol (except in ice cream) so that may balance the onslaught of pastry and cake ...

Cheer up. It won't last forever.

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