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Play centres and theme parks some of last to open.?

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IWannaBreakFREE20 Sat 09-May-20 23:16:47

My df thinks they'll be open pretty soon. I personally think be lucky If this year.

I mean play centres are a germs paradise.
Theme parks.. Queing, Social distancing. 20.people on a ride can't see how it would work

Wonder if the smaller ones can stay above water to be honest. Merlin etc will prob be fine. But places like Crealy, Paultons, and the smaller ones it's probably a bit worrying for.

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Keepdistance Sun 10-May-20 00:56:51

I dont know it's outdoors.
I mean ppw really cran people in they need to cut down on people going in and which rides are open. But yes with kids how do you stop them touching the q barricade all the time then their face.
Probably work ok with adults only. Masks distanced q and fewwr people on ride but the screaming could spread it... And anyone wt the back..

Over time more people will have had it and wont worry about getting it.

Soft play etc not sure i mean if kids do go back to school in sept or they find kids cant spread it to others. Again you could let fewer kids in. Hand santizer which tbh i think should have been on tables anyway

MinorArcana Sun 10-May-20 13:23:28

I can’t see theme parks or play centres being allowed to open this year.

They’re just not compatible with social distancing, even if you reduced the numbers of people allowed to go in at once.

I think it’s likely that some of them will go under as a result.

CaptainMerica Sun 10-May-20 14:16:18

Even if they are allowed to open, I can't see many people wanting to go to soft play in the near future.

Theme parks could reduce numbers, and do ticketing to reduce queues. But it probably wouldn't be worth it for them.

Rosehip10 Sun 10-May-20 14:25:54

Theme parts won't bother I would say - remember, vast majority of their staff are employed for the season only. If visitor numbers are low due to social distancing they wouldn't make enough money to bother taking on the seasonal staff.

HolyMilkBoobiesBatman Sun 10-May-20 14:32:45

There’s a soft play centre near us that is exceptional at keeping clean. Staff regularly wiping everything down throughout the day etc. I’ve never known a soft play centre to be so clean.
Even so I’d be very reluctant to visit because obviously the equipment doesn’t allow much space for children to pass by one another and unless a member of staff follows each child around the virus could be living on a surface and touched by multiple children before the next wipe down.

Not to mention that these places are normally in warehouse type buildings with no windows and minimal air circulation.

Unless they only allowed the bare minimum children in at a time (and I’m talking like five children) there would still be a good risk of catching the virus if someone else had it.

However, I think if they did open there would be a fair number of people who would go, purely because they will deem the risks to their families low and beyond going out for walks there’s not a lot that children are able to do right now so I could see some people would be willing to take the risk just to give their children something different to do.

Mysocalledlifexx Sun 10-May-20 14:50:01

They should be last but who would really want to take their children there? I wont be thats for sure,not worth the risk.

Smythering Sun 10-May-20 15:12:55

I would take my children tomorrow if one was opened.
The virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Bol87 Sun 10-May-20 15:26:14

I think softplays will be the last to open for sure. Which I’m gutted about 😂 my little one blooming loves softplay! As do I, I get to sit down while she goes wild!

I’d take my little girl to a smaller softplay.. don’t see much difference to her going to that versus nursery so long as numbers were limited. Mid week, there are often only 5/6 children there anyway!

But I fall into the camp of not worrying about my child catching it particularly. I’d be more worried about norovirus as I’ve got such a phobia of being sick 🙈

MeadowHay Sun 10-May-20 16:22:42

I'm with Smyth and Bol. Basically if anything opens for my DD then I would take her without hesitation. Covid is going to be around for possibly a few years in its current form and I deem the risks for our family to be very very small, looking at the figues. Far smaller than serious injury in a RTA, for example, or one of us suddenly getting cancer, and I never worry about either of those things. FWIW DH is front-line NHS and feels the same way. DD has been continuing to attend nursery throughout anyway and obviously there is no SD there.

I'm not sure that ability to adhere to SD and cleaning etc are going to be the only things that determine when cerain businesses can open though. I would argue that they shouldn't be anyway. If we can get numbers down as low as necessary for effective contact tracing, another type of business that could be opened is anywhere that allows for effective contract tracing, iyswim, regardless of SD. I think that's why in some places hairdressers and driving schools have been the first to reopen, because you know exactly who was where at exactly what time due to appointments, so they are perfect for contact tracing in the unlikely event of someone ending up being tested positive or having symptoms. Theme parks I don't think would work in that sense because they're massive so you'd have no idea who was near who even if you kept a record of details of every person who attended. Soft play on the other hand is smaller and you could keep a record of every person and their contact details and the times they were in the building. This would enable effective contract tracing. Therefore I'd argue it would be easier to open soft play 'safely' - or at least, more safely, than theme parks, despite the lack of SD measures. Plus there is also the fact that emerging evidence suggests children are at far less risk than the rest of the population and possibly far less likely to transmit it as well (although jury still out on that one like).

lurker101 Sun 10-May-20 17:06:29

Disney Shanghai is reopening tomorrow (albeit a reduced number allowed in) and has sold out, so I imagine Govts/theme parks will take a cue from watching how they manage it to how they reopen others

Keepdistance Sun 10-May-20 17:19:45

The issue with soft play is the surfaces i guess so not just the kids being too close but the kid who sneezes and a kid 3 days later gets it.
Tbh it would be nice if soft play stuff were wiped down daily at least.

I think they could open for parties as long as it was people in the same class group.
Or you could do 2 days a week so dont need to worry about the surfaces as much.

Design some inside easily cleaned stuff which keeps kids in little areas.

I think something like climbing walls would be ok as you can just wash hands.
bouncy castles?

Would think they are ok provided not other than 1 family on and hand washing

girlicorne Sun 10-May-20 18:10:02

This is one we are following closely as we are massive theme park enthusiasts, we go every weekend from March to October and every day in school holidays. Europa Park in Germany are looking to reopen in May 29th but Disney Paris have announced closure until 15th July so its difficult to predict what will happen here. I hope we get some of the season but if not there’s always next year! Opinions on enthusiast forums vary from opening June to opening 2021!

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