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How to explain this to DC

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excitedmumtobe87 Thu 07-May-20 02:28:18

It was DC’s birthday on Monday. She obviously couldn’t see her family or grandparents. Today a ten min walk round the block for exercise a friend shouted hi to DC. Said friend was in front garden with while family, grandparents, cousins the lot.

I was polite and said hi at a distance and moved on quickly hoping DC wouldn’t notice but she obviously did.

She’s upset that her friend gets to see her massive family and she can’t see anyone.

I tried my best to explain and I don’t want to report her friends family even though they’re obviously massive idiots.

I just want DC to be happy. She’s been anxious this week anyway

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excitedmumtobe87 Thu 07-May-20 02:29:02

Apologies for typos accidentally got post instead of preview

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excitedmumtobe87 Thu 07-May-20 02:29:50

Hit not got! Time for bed? hmm

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Ilovesausages Thu 07-May-20 02:51:48

I would just be honest and explain that some people bend the rules but that you don’t want to and why. Not too much detail but enough and acknowledge that it doesnt seem fair.

Can you plan something for when this is all over so that she has something to look forward to?

lollipoplola Thu 07-May-20 03:03:03

How old is she? DD2 who's 3 knows that there is a virus that kills some people and that's why everywhere is closed and we can't see family. If we ever had the situation you had I would just add that some people are naughty and break the rules but we are following them to keep everyone safe. She knows that this isn't forever though.

excitedmumtobe87 Fri 08-May-20 02:06:49

She’s six. I tried using the line about some people being a bit naughty and that helped thank you. Her friend is a bit of a cheater at games so I just said her parents were breaking the rules a bit like kids do sometimes. Then we saw neighbours having a party today! She laughed about them being naughty so I think the message got through.

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