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Diversion Mon 04-May-20 21:57:14

I work in a social care envronment, not a social worker and this isnt a care home, a children's home or a nursing home, a carer or a hospital environment. I cannot divulge what I do exactly for identifying reasons. Someone who lives at my work has developed symptoms of Covid19. We had been given an outline of exactly what would happen should this become an issue and these plans have now changed. Apparently I am now classed as an essential worker and am required to be in work. I had contact with this person on all of my shifts over the last 7 days and have been informed today that I am still expected to be in work as we are being provided with PPE. I am terrified andit has not been taken into consideration that I have unwell and elderly relatives who I do some care for, do shopping for etc. Additionally I have also put my own family at risk. Would you go into work?

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StormsDontLastForever Mon 04-May-20 22:00:50

I personally wouldn't but my anxiety is through the roof at the moment due to this and DH has been furloughed so I don't need to worry about him being at work. If you do decide to go in just make sure you have all the correct ppe and are continually hand washing etc. Can't be an easy decision to make x

Lougle Mon 04-May-20 22:05:02

I would go. You have already been exposed over the last 7 days, and you're being given PPE to limit further exposure.

darceybusselllovesbrussells Mon 04-May-20 22:38:39

If you're being given the right PPE then I don't see how you can not go to work. Unless you yourself are high risk, if your job is a caring role, you can't stop just because your client is CV+ve. Just make sure you're protected.

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