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Wearing masks

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SpongeCake23 Sat 02-May-20 13:31:44

This is probably low on the list of things for most people to worry about. But I am really concerned that they’ll make masks mandatory and I really can’t bear having my mouth and nose covered, I feel like I’m suffocating and get really bad claustrophobia.
I’m already in a panic when I go to the supermarket for our once a week shop due to the social distancing and the person behind me waiting for me to frantically browse my list and make sure I haven’t forgot anything before moving on. As it’s a one way system and you can’t turn back if you forget anything.
The other week I nearly had a panic attack. I know if they make masks mandatory it’ll be for the best, but I’m close to tears at the thought of it.
I suffer with extreme anxiety and panic attacks regularly anyway.

Does anyone else feel similar to me?

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SauvignonBlanche Sat 02-May-20 13:34:14

Yes, I lip read and am really struggling with mask-wearing, am dreading it becoming more wide-spread.

I doubt it will become mandatory but do think it will be recommended and non-wearing become socially unacceptable.

verybadhairdoo Sat 02-May-20 13:38:37

I also rely on lip readimg to understand what's being said. Without it, it's just noise. Also with masks you cannot see most of the face, so even more difficult to read facial expression. Fir me, i would become socially isolated and unable to partake in any conversation where the speaker has a mask. I dread the thought of it becoming compulsory.

justtb Sat 02-May-20 13:52:58

I have a handmade mask from Etsy and find it really suffocating. I'm terrified of going to the supermarket without it though.
I'm quite a quiet person and get asked to repeat myself a lot as it is.. I haven't really thought about it until now but it gonna hard for me as I'm anxious enough repeating myself as it is... but I guess it's got to be done!
I feel so silly wearing my mask out as not many people in my area wear them but it does give me peace of mind. And I'm sure my bright orange and yellow hair probably garners more attention that my face!

Dilbertian Sat 02-May-20 13:53:12

My parents have been able to get hold of two visors, the sort that are a clear curved piece of plastic held on by a padded band around the head. It's much better for them than opaque masks, two elderly immigrants, fluent in English but with hearing and vision problems.

A friend's son 3d printed the holder for them and they found all the rest of the bits they needed in the decades of stuff they have accumulated. The padding came from a box that held electronics, the elastic from sewing stuff, and the plastic from some A3 display kit. They say they feel like spacemen on their daily constitutional!

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