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Masks for people who have asthma/rhinitis

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Legallybleachblonde Tue 28-Apr-20 08:42:18

I have chronic asthma and rhinitis and my nose is either blocked or streaming. I take steroids for both conditions and they are both well managed but catching a cold or having a bout of hayfever tends to make breathing a bit more laboured. Anyway, I have tried to wear a mask that covers both my mouth and nose but it feels like I'm suffocating. Does anyone out there feel the same as me and/or can anyone recommend a mask that feels 'breathable'? Thank you.

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MRex Tue 28-Apr-20 08:49:43

Have you spoken to a pharmacist / GP about antihistamines? There are a few varieties over the counter and my aunt was given a particular one by the GP when her hayfever was very bad one year. Having an ongoing solution for hayfever would help.

DH is asthmatic and wears a dust mask for DIY and nowadays wears it if he has to go to the pharmacy or shop too, without any issue. It could be that his asthma is milder than yours, or better under control, or that it's mostly the hayfever causing you problems. If you haven't read the Asthma Society website (, it's well worth a read for making sure you are using your preventer properly to take care of your asthma. If your asthma still isn't controlled then you ought to speak to a nurse at your GP for more help.

MitebiteonFrightNite Tue 28-Apr-20 09:37:01

Face masks aren't recommended for people with asthma, as my GP likes to remind me every spring when I suggest wearing one to stop the horrific pollen from trying to kill me (only half joking).

I've got an asthma/hay-fever regime in place though and it hugely helps. Daily sinus rinses (it's only weird the first few times you do it) Avamys steroid nasal spray after when you've 'dried out' a bit. 180mg Fexofenadine in the morning, Vaseline around my nose, and change clothes/shower as soon as I come indoors.

It's not perfect, but it helps massively. Get on to your gp for fexo, it's the best antihistamine out the for allergies and ask for Avamys too. I always get my sinus rinse bottles from the asthma nurse, I see her every 3 months and she gives me a new one as they get given hundreds of samples so worth asking for one, but if not they're about a tenner to buy.

AnnaMagnani Tue 28-Apr-20 09:43:55

Do you take anti-histamines year round? I found it much easier to just take them the whole year than work out when trigger season was, as you have to start them a couple of weeks before hayfever season for them to really work.

Far easier to just take one every day of the year. Plus it turns out my asthma was better every day, not just at the times of year I knew pollen was bad.

Legallybleachblonde Tue 28-Apr-20 12:36:24

Thanks for your replies. I'm already on fexofenodene but admittedly, have only been taking it when my allergies are playing up but think I will take everyday as pp says. I use Nasonex nasal spray and Fostair for asthma - both daily. Actually, thinking about it, I dont think the Fostair is as effective as my previous medication which was Symbicort and I'm using Ventolin a bit more than usual. Will go to GP I think and have a review.

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AnnaMagnani Tue 28-Apr-20 12:42:10

Take our fexofenadine everyday!

I take Clarityn and decided to give up in winter because nothing could be flowering then. Asthma got worse and it was really hard guessing when the spring flowers were going to open - is it a hard winter, will it be sunny next week, are there buds yet etc etc.

Next year just did it year round and it was massively better and so much easier.

MRex Wed 29-Apr-20 14:41:05

I hope the GP can help, and the change in how you take antihistamines, it'll make you happier even when you don't have to wear a mask!

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