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EYFS, Nurseries and Childminders

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tawnygrisettes Mon 27-Apr-20 20:01:33

Usual caveat that nobody really knows anything at this stage, but...

When do people think that nurseries and home-based childminders will be allowed to reopen?

I'm supposed to be writing my masters thesis right now, due in October, and with a 2 year old and no formal childcare in place anymore, it's proving tricky...

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CaptainWentworth Mon 27-Apr-20 20:12:09

I would also love to know the answer to this - having to reduce hours at work as cannot manage to WFH effectively with my 18 month old, and DH out at work (frontline NHS). It’s soul destroying having to start my day’s work after she’s in bed...

Maryann1975 Mon 27-Apr-20 20:18:45

I’m a childminder and asked this question on here last week, to find out what people thought. General thought was That early years childcare will reopen when schools do.

Meredithgrey1 Mon 27-Apr-20 21:01:51

General thought was That early years childcare will reopen when schools do.

I'm not sure about that. There will get to a point where there's no point schools going back because it's so close to the summer holidays. But for nurseries/child minders than are open through the summer that isn't a reason so if cases and deaths keep dropping they could go back July/August as part of a gradual reopening before the schools go back in September.

Leighwalk Mon 27-Apr-20 21:04:14

My LA have EY Hubs - for children of key workers - available 7 days per week - so open througout.

Nochangeplease Mon 27-Apr-20 21:13:00

I’m a nursery work and actually thinking of leaving my job if we’re made to go back too early. I’m really scared. Children sneezing in my face wasn’t pleasant before but I honestly can’t cope with that now.

Sunshinegirl82 Mon 27-Apr-20 21:36:06

I’m hoping it might be possible in June but I think to be honest it’s a bit of a “how long is a piece of string” question if you know what I mean.

Let’s just keep hoping that rates of infection start coming down as soon as possible. The quicker that happens the more chance we’ve got.

june2007 Mon 27-Apr-20 23:00:19

Where i work is open for key workers and vulnarable children same as most schools. It is due to open fully when the schools fully go back last date set was May but this is not set in stone and is dependent on the cv situation.

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