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Are some countries under reporting the number of deaths? Why?

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Inconnu Thu 23-Apr-20 07:37:03

The article below states that "14,561 people have died in Guayas province since the beginning of March from all causes. The province normally sees 2,000 deaths a month on average". Yet the reported number of deaths from coronavirus in the whole of Ecuador (not just the Guayas province) was only 403 at the time the article was written (now up to 537).

Now, I understand that the UK is also under reporting deaths, because its figure doesn't include deaths in care homes. But surely that doesn't explain the big discrepancy above? Can anyone shed any light for me? Is it likely that this is true for other countries too?

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Tsubasa1 Thu 23-Apr-20 07:49:33

Turkey is also undereporting deaths, and article in the New York Times proved to me. The reason is unknown to me. Probably to keep the public calm?

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