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Journalists and the press conferences

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Bimbleboo Tue 21-Apr-20 00:05:57

While I understand that they are obviously determined to really push particular issues , am I the only one who feels the opportunity to ask varied questions is just being wasted?

Each conference feels like the questions are themed and just re-asked by them all in different wording, hoping they’ll be the one to elicit a different response somehow. Then the robotic answer is exactly the same as it was just seconds before, when the question was ALREADY asked, because the ministers have been briefed and are restricted to provide only one answer, no matter how many ways the question is asked.

While I sort of understand maybe they want to put more pressure on about particularly important things and not allow the issues to be brushed over or dodged, I find it really frustrating hearing the questions only seeming to be reworded versions of ‘wheres the PPE, when are the schools going back, how sick IS Bojo’

I WISH they’d ask why patients are being blocked access to medical care until they are blue in the face. Why we aren’t offering less invasive, earlier interventions of oxygen to avoid it getting to that point (ala Germany) whether this is because they want to manipulate the statistics of hospitalisation, why we are boasting about being under capacity while people apparently gasp for air and just hope they don’t die at home, what’s happening with the antibody testing, did that turn out to be a pipe dream. Etc.

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