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Ehupflower Sun 19-Apr-20 23:34:21

We have just had an email from my 96 year old Grandma's care home, that due to covid 19 the staff are sick and they need the relatives to help as have no-one to cover the shifts. I'm beside myself as want to go and help out but have 2 children aged 7 & 8, I'm asthmatic & so is my 8 year old, my Mum is over 70 & diabetic. I'm AIBU to not help out! I just don't know what to do.

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middleager Sun 19-Apr-20 23:36:18

Do you have any siblings who could help?

Ehupflower Sun 19-Apr-20 23:55:03

No, my sister lives miles away.

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DeRigueurMortis Mon 20-Apr-20 00:15:54

Is it possible for you to move your GM to
your house and self isolate her as far as possible for 7 days?

I appreciate not everyone has the room to do this, but if possible it might be the best way to help whilst mitigating risk to your family.

It's bloody awful what's happening in care homes. They seem to be bottom of the pile for PPE yet they house the very vulnerable and whilst many staff are doing their level best, it's an environment that ripe for spreading the virus as so many residents need hands on physical care.

I can't help feeling this sector (residents and staff) is being very badly treated.

I'm a volunteer in my village and helping an elderly lady who was discharged from a care home a few days ago after recuperating from a fall. Her mobility is still very compromised.

The reality is she's not really well enough to be at home, but the risk of staying in the facility was higher given staff are falling like flies and some residents are symptomatic.

She has loving family, but not local and they are obviously upset and frustrated about the lack of help they can give.

I can do shopping (and sterilise it) and check in each day by phone but little more other than making her some "ready meals" she can put in the oven to make sure she's fed.

It's heartbreaking.

Her family are now at a point where given she is at risk of a fall (and can't get an alarm
lanyard re: demand issues) where they think they'll have to break lockdown and travel an 8 hour trip to come and get her.

Ehupflower Mon 20-Apr-20 01:04:55

That's a possibility but it's a nightmare as well as so many other issues, access to a loo, stairs, her Alzheimer's, just a horrid situation. Xx

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DeRigueurMortis Mon 20-Apr-20 01:55:11

There is probably no ideal solution here. All you can do is weigh up the risks and frankly assess the long term emotional damage of taking one course of action over another based on a multitude of "what ifs".

No judgement whatsoever, it's a shitty situation however you call it thanks

perniciousdot Mon 20-Apr-20 02:11:57

I find this quite bizarre. Our local care homes are taking on staff just now to help. The idea that random family members can come in and work there is batshit. Are you sure that email was genuine?

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